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The recent impact of CGNet Swara is documented in the posts below.

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Impact: Our handpump got repaired a day after reporting on Swara, thanks...

Lekhram Yadav and villagers are calling from Chnagaria village in Bichhia block of Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. They say their hand pump was broken and they were getting water from far. Complaint to officers was not effective. Then they reported on CGnet Swara on 16th May and a day after on 18th their hand pump have got repaired. They are now getting water near their houses and are very thankful to listeners who called officers and officers who reacted. Lekhram Yadav@9111648643

Posted on: May 19, 2016, by HANDPUMP LEKHRAM YADAV WATER

Impact: Our road to tehsil got repaired after recording a message on Swara...

Ramashankar is calling from Latiyar village in Jaba tehsil of Rewa district in MP and says the connecting road to Jaba from this village was in very bad shape from more than 5 years with lots of stones in it so it was even difficult to walk on it, vehicles moved with lots of difficulty. After reporting a message on CGnet a road was constructed and now it is very easy to travel on it and vehicles can reach the village with ease. He is thanking listeners and officers for helping them with the road. Ramashankar@9630095766

Posted on: May 17, 2016, by RAMASANKER PRAJAPATI ROAD

Impact: 5000 of us used to fight for water, our problem is now solved, Thanks...

TumanJi is calling from Akrari colony post Khaja in Rewa district of MP. She says in their village of around 5000 there were 3 hand pumps but all were broken for a month. Well was already dry. All of them used to go to a school hand pump for water. They went to officers but no one helped. Then they reported on CGnet and after a month all hand pumps have got repaired and they don’t need to fight and are saving lots of time. She wants to thank listeners of CGnet who called officers. Tuman@9054676133

Posted on: May 15, 2016, by TUMAN ADIVASI WATER

Impact: Got my disability pension after recording message on CGnet Swara...

Patiram Marko is calling from Tantitola village, Bhupatpur panchayat, Bajag block, Dindori district, MP and says he had recorded a message about Chhotelal not getting Disability pension for 10 months ( he used to get it from 15 years). He is glad to share that Chhotelal is now getting his pension regularly and he thanks listeners of CGnet Swara for putting pressure on officers and the officer for helping him. He requests to continue helping poor people like this. Marko@9669037356

Posted on: May 11, 2016, by Patiram Marko

Impact: Four of us got our wages due from a year after recording on Swara...

Ashok is visiting Kutila village in Jaba block of Rewa district in MP where he meets Buddhasen Kol who tells him that 4 of them had worked for government last year in May-June and were waiting for their wages and then they recorded a message on CGnet Swara in February. After that they got their wages and want to thank listeners of CGnet and also those officers who helped them get the wages. Ashok Kori also thanks listeners of CGnet and requests to continue to help poor people. Kori@9713063019

Posted on: May 09, 2016, by ASHOK KUMAR KORI

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