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Impact: Got Rs 26,000 as Indira Awas support after Swara report, many thanks...

Fagia Bai Baigin is telling us that she first got land deeds under Forest rights act then on the basis of that support for making house under Indira Awas was sanctioned. She built the house in Polmi village of Pandaria block of Kabirdham district in Chhattisgarh but had not got the monetary support. Then she applied in CGnet Swara and then got Rs 26,000. She has also built the toilet but is yet to get Rs 12,000 for the same. She is thanking all who called officers to help her. Naresh@8720822286

Posted on: May 04, 2016, by NARESH BUNKAR

Impact: We got a hand pump in our weekly market after Swara report, thanks...

We have a new weekly market in Polmi in Pandaria block of Kabirdham district in Chhattisgarh where there was no hand pump so people used to walk a kilometer to get water from a year. Then I reported it on CGnet says Naresh Bunkar and now I am glad to report that a hand pump was dug couple of months back and people coming to weekly market get drinking water in the market. He wants to thank listeners of CGnet and officers of PHE department for helping people. Bunkar@8720822286

Posted on: May 03, 2016, by NARESH BUNKAR

Impact: We got electric poles in our village a week after Swara report, thanks...

Jitendra Sahni is calling from Mauje Sewaria village in West Champaran district in Bihar and says they got electricity in their village couple of years back but half the village did not have electricity poles and bamboos were getting used as poles. Though they were paying bills regularly but officers were not helping. Then they recorded a message on CGnet Swara and are very happy to share that after listeners put pressure after a week they the work has started to get electric poles erected. Sahni@8306418568

Posted on: May 02, 2016, by JITENDRA SAHNI

Impact: Thanks to your calls we will have 8 common toilets in our colony soon...

I am Dalit and I live in Dalit basti. Construction of 8 common toilets in our area was not completed for long and all of us were suffering. When we recorded message on CGnet Swara I got call from officers that we are bringing bad name to district and our message was wrong. But after inspection it was found to be true and the construction work has again started and is about to be finished. I want to thank from my side and from my community’s side to all from CGnet who called officers. Arti@9993358662

Posted on: Apr 29, 2016, by ARTIBAI VALMIKI

Impact: Our handpump got repaired after recording message on Swara, thanks...

Lekhram Yadav is calling from Changria village in Bichhia block of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh to say thanks. He says he recorded a message on 14th April that their hand pump was broken and they were forced to get water from one and half kilometer away. Now their hand pump has got repaired and they are very relieved and happy. They want to thank the officers who acted and the listeners of CGnet Swara who called officers to put pressure on them. Lekhram@9111648643

Posted on: Apr 24, 2016, by HANDPUMP LEKHRAM YADAV WATER

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