Phailin: We lost entire shifting cultivation but no officer has come to inspect...

Chakra Munda from Bhutuda panchayat under Bonai Subdivision, Sundergarh dist, Odisha is telling that entire shift cultivation(Bilinga farming) of the panchayat was lost during the Phailin cyclone on 12th Oct. But no govt officers have come to see the crop loss and no compensation is given to the farmers. You are requested to call Tahsildar Rajendra kumar Rout at 9437311672 and help the adivasi farmers. For more you can reach Chakraji at 9439107917.

Posted on: Oct 25, 2013. Tags: Chakra Munda

Govt mining has made our lives difficult, Posco will bring hell : Munda tribal

Chakra Munda from Raisuan village under Bonai subdivision, Sundergarh dist Odisha is telling in his adivasi Mundari language that they are opposing mining by Govt in nearby Khandadhar hills which has made their lives difficult. He says now Govt is bringing Posco company which will make life hell for more than 200 villages.You are requested to call Collector Mr Punia at 9438399144 and request him to close this mining to save us tribals. For more Chakraji is at 9439107917.

Posted on: Oct 08, 2013. Tags: CHAKRA MUNDA MINING