Children wrote letters to PM, CM requesting reopening their school, no reply...

Ramkailash Kol is talking to students of now closed Govt primary school in Sahu Purwa ( nagar) of Mangdaur village in Jawa block of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh who tell him that all 38 students of the school have written letters to Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Education minister and more requesting them to re-open their school but no one has replied to them. You are requested to call Collector@9425903973 and BRC@9685416726 to help the students. Ramkailash@7898253554

Posted on: Jun 16, 2016. Tags: EDUCATION RAMKAILASH KOL

Our school was closed suddenly, we need to cross river to go to new school...

Ramkailash Kol is visiting Sahunagar village in Mangdaur panchayat in Jaba block of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh where children tells him that their school was suddenly closed and they now need to cross a river and railway line to reach their new school. 38 students were studying in the old school and they demand that their school should be restarted. They are requesting us to call Collector@9425903973 and Block Resource Center officer@9685416726 to reopen the school. Kol@8827493481

Posted on: May 06, 2016. Tags: EDUCATION RAMKAILASH KOL

Not getting scholarship, uniform from 2 years, no blackboard, no chalk...

Ramkailash Kol is calling from Ghuman village and panchayat in Jawa block of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh and talking to children who are enrolled in village primary school and tell him that they are not getting scholarship and uniform from 2 years and they don’t have appropriate seating arrangement and teaching material. Children are suffering. Officers are not paying attention. You are requested to call District Education Officer@9425357860 and BRC@9685416726 to help children.Ramkailash Kol@ 7354671394.

Posted on: Apr 24, 2016. Tags: Ramkailash Kol

We cook Mid-day meal after getting grain on credit, money from Govt is late...

Ramkailash Kol is calling from Jawa block of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh where women from Shankar Self Help Group from Birpur village say that they haven’t received their Mid-day meal cooking payment from 10 months. 3 times complaints were made to DM, CEO but they didn’t help. Teachers request us to continue cooking and we get grocery on credit basis who are harassing us, they say. We request CGnet Swara listeners to help us by calling CRC@9424919095, CEO@ 9752035450. Kol@7898038741.

Posted on: Apr 10, 2016. Tags: MID-DAY MEAL RAMKAILASH KOL

ऐसी हकीकत सुनो हमारे पंचायत की...गीत

रामकैलाश कोल रीवा मध्यप्रदेश से गीत के द्वारा अपने गाँव में पानी की समस्या के बारे में बता रहे हैं:
ऐसी हकीकत सुनो हमारे पंचायत की-
सरपंच को कहो तो वो सुनता ही नहीं-
जब लगाओ फोन सचिव को तो कहता-
है कि वो हमारे रिकॉर्ड में है ही नहीं-
कैलाशपुरी के कॉल आदिवासी पानी के लिए हैरान है-
जब लगाता हु फोन नलकर्मी को तो कहता है-
की मेरा हैंडओवर हुआ ही नही-
देखो दलित ये सरपंच पिछड़ा वर्ग सचिव-
आदिवासियों को करता कैसे परेशान है-
भूमन पचायत की हकीकत सुनो-
हम कुछ बयाँ कर सकते नहीं...

Posted on: Apr 02, 2016. Tags: Ramkailash Kol

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