Why Adivasis celebrating killing of Ravan, Savior of Adivasis, Asks an Adivasi...

Banamali Majhi from Rayagada dist, Odisha is asking in his adivasi Kui language why are we adivasis celebrating Dushera which celebrates killing of Ravan? He says we adivasis have our own culture. We are kings in our land we roam around with our axe. We have developed our songs and musical instruments.We have cows, buffaloes, goats and got milk. We have every thing what we need. Why do we need to follow others. Banmaliji is at 8260121612

Posted on: Oct 14, 2013. Tags: Banamali Majhi

Animals dying due to poisonous discharge by Utkal Alumina, alleges villager

Banmali Majhi from Dangasil village in Raygada dist, Odisha is telling in his adivasi Kui language that yesterday 6 cows, 5 goats and more than 1 quintal fish have died in river near their village. He alleges this is happening due to flow of poisonous water form Red mud pond of Utkal Alumina Company. You are requested to call collector at 9437566166, Utkal Alumina M.D at 9437585899 and CSR officer at 9437572880 to stop this. Banmaliji is at 9438063186.

Posted on: Oct 05, 2013. Tags: Banamali Majhi

Though mandatory as per rule Utkal Alumina not giving work to us locals...

Banamali Majhi from Dongasil Panchayat, Raygada dist, Odisha is telling in his adivasi Kui language that Utkal Alumina company has not given the labour work to the local people though as per their CSR manual it is mandatory. Listeners are requested to give a call to Collector Dr. Sashi Bhushan Padhi on 9437566166 and the CSR officer Shiba sankar Mahapatra on 9437572880 and solve this problem. For more details you can reach Banmaliji at 9438063186

Posted on: Oct 04, 2013. Tags: Banamali Majhi

Impact: After Swara report team visited us but we need permanent doctors...

Banamali Majhi from Dongasil panchayat of Rayagada dist, Odisha is telling that he had reported 2 messages on Swara last month about diarrhea deaths due to lack of treatment in Govt hospitals which has no doctor. After hearing the reports a team of doctors visited us and distributed medicine. We thank all the people who helped but we need a permanent doctor and regular supply of medicine. We hope the collector will help us with that. For more Banamali Ji is at 9438063186

Posted on: Sep 13, 2013. Tags: Banamali Majhi

Crossing river adivasis brought diarrhea patients but no doctor, no medicine

Banmali Majhi from Kodipari panchayat in Kashipur block of Rayagada Dist in Odisha telling in Kui language that today 4 Nangla Kondh tribals seriously affected by diarrhea from Adazore village under Kodipari Police Station were brought to Dongasil hospital after crossing the river with great difficulty but there is no doctor, no medicine. You are requested to call CDMO at 9439983501 and Collector at 9437566166. For more Banmali ji is at 9438063186

Posted on: Aug 27, 2013. Tags: Banamali Majhi

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