Bijapur: No cash in banks for 2 weeks, security forces unable to draw salaries

Kamlesh Painkra in Bijapur in Chhattisgarh is talking to Suresh Singh who is telling that none of the Bnam ATM machines are working in the town from last 15 days. Banks are saying no cash is coming so there is no transaction in banks from last 2 weeks. Many people and specially security forces who get their wages from bank have got the salary on their account but banks have no cash to give them. He request the authorities to look into the matter immediately. For more Kamlesh ji can be reached at 08435563707

Posted on: Sep 25, 2012. Tags: BIJAPUR KAMLESH PAINKRA

Fishing for success- Kudos

This is the success story of Malti Murti and her group, who earned their livelihood by fishing. They faced many problems of seed, nets, racks- as individuals they had to deal with their problems alone.
But now they have formed a group and got linked with the Fisheries department and this has worked very well. Here they have been collecting fish for 4 days, and have a haul of 2.5 quintals on a good day. Now they look for more help in getting a net to catch the small fish, and the formation of pools, so that their seed is not lost.
For more on their story, please call Kamlesh Painkra at 9741596282

Posted on: Feb 21, 2012. Tags: Kamlesh Painkra

Unavailable secretaries affect development work in Panchayats

Kamlesh Painkra from Bijapur in Chhattisgarh is interviewing Adivasi journalist Santosh Punem about the current situation in this Naxal affected district. Mr Punem says the weekly markets have started once again which is a very good sign but all the secreataries of Gram Panchayats still live in district headquarters and do not visit the villages which is not allowing development work to reach people

Posted on: Mar 06, 2011. Tags: Kamlesh Painkra

An interview on shortage of smaller currency notes in Bijapur

kamlesh Painkra from Bijapur in Chhattisgarh is doing an interview with journalist Rajaram Tiwari who is talking about shortage of small currency notes and change in the region. Mr Tiwari says for lack of small notes people are forced to buy goods in bulk. Banks should release small denomination of notes and coins immediately to help the people

Posted on: Feb 26, 2011. Tags: BIJAPUR KAMLESH PAINKRA

Special police officer kills a youth after a personal dispute

Kamlesh from Bijapur in Chhattisgarh interviews eyewitnesses of an incident where a SPO ( Special Police Officer) open fired with his official rifle and killed a youth after some dispute. The eyewitnesses say the SPO was drunk and people are very angry after the incident. Government has appointed SPOs to help in its fight against the Maoists.

Posted on: Dec 23, 2010. Tags: Kamlesh Painkra