I want to ask why our PM and CM are silent on attacks on Dalits in the country...

My name is Preetamlal Prajapati. I am a Dalit student from Rewa Madhya Pradesh and want to ask Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh that why Govt is silent on attacks on Dalits in the country and why no actions are being taken on perpetrators. I also want to tell my backward friends to educate, unite and fight then only we will get our rights. I request all of you to please send your children to school then only they will know about their rights and will fight for it. Prajapati@9522824525

Posted on: Jul 28, 2016. Tags: Preetamlal Prajapati

Our hostel is dirty, lots of mosquitoes around, officers don't care, please help...

Preetamlal Prajapati is calling from Motilal Nehru boy’s hostel for schedule caste students in Rewa Madhya Pradesh. He is talking to his fellow hostelers who tell him that hostel is very dirty. There is problem of water and electricity. With dirt around there are lots of mosquitoes. They have been requesting authorities for improving the situation but nothing has moved. You are requested to call District Organiser@9424981997, SDM@8085841170 and Collector@9425903973 to help. Prajapati@9522824525

Posted on: Jun 23, 2016. Tags: Preetamlal Prajapati

Let's take pledge on World Blood Donation Day to donate blood regularly...

Today is World Blood Donation Day. Preetamlal Prajapati a student from Rewa Madhya Pradesh says we have made lots of progress but there is no alternative of human blood yet. So it shows the importance of blood donation. We need each other. He says there is a misconception that one will get weak if we give blood. Doctors say every 90 days a fit body can donate blood. This day we should take a pledge that we will donate blood regularly so that no life is lost for the need of blood. Prajapati@9522824525

Posted on: Jun 14, 2016. Tags: Preetamlal Prajapati

We've electric poles from last 5 years but no wires in our Dalit- Adivasi village...

Preetamlal Prajapati is calling from Dadartola village Gadha 138, Tehsil Jawa, Block Tyothar district Rewa in MP and says they have electric poles in their village of more than 500 Dalit, Adivasi and other lower caste people from 2011 but no wires and electricity. They also don’t have any school. They have been requesting officers from long but no one helps. You are requested to call Engineers@9425424250 and 9425424302, SDO@8085841170, Collector@9425903973. Preetam@9522824525

Posted on: Jun 07, 2016. Tags: Preetamlal Prajapati

अरे मेरे बाबा भीम महान...डॉ.भीमराव अम्बेडकर पर गीत

ग्राम पंचायत-दादरटोला, थाना-जवा, जिला-रीवा, (म.प्र.) से प्रीतमलाल प्रजापति भीमराव अम्बेडकर पर आधारित एक गीत सुना रहे हैं :
अरे मेरे बाबा भीम महान-
लिखे तक़दीर गुलामी की – अब गूंगे भी बात करेंगे – और बहरे भी सुना करेंगे – कोई दास ना मालिक होगा – एक घाट सब नीर भरेंगे – अरे ऐसे लिखे भीम सविधान –
सजे तस्वीर गुलामी की – अरे मेरे बाबा भीम महान-
लिखे तक़दीर गुलामी की – जहाँ चाहो अब वहां बस जाओ – जो चाहो ओ कर्म अपनाओ – जो चाहो ओ धर्म अपनाओ – जो चाहो ओ पहने खाओ – अरे बन गये भीम भगवान...

Posted on: May 21, 2016. Tags: Preetamlal Prajapati

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