सूर्य को निगने वाले सुनो हनुमान जी...गीत

जिला-पलामु (झारखण्ड) से उपेन्द्र कुमार कुशवाहा के साथ प्रियंका कुमारी एक गीत सुना रही हैं :
सूर्य को निगने वाले सुनो हनुमान जी-
निस दिन आपका ध्यान किया-
साला सर के बालको दुनिया ने मान लिया-
आप हो बल बुद्दी के सागर हम तो बूंद बराबर हैं-
जिसके ऊपर कृपा हो तेरी तर जाए भवसागर हैं-
पापी असुर को मारे हनुमान जी-
भक्तो को भक्ति का ज्ञान दिया-
साला सर के बालको दुनिया ने मान लिया...

Posted on: Feb 16, 2019. Tags: UPENDRA KUSHWAH

Old man has reached age to die he says but still not fit for old age pension, pls help...

Upendra Kumar Kushwaha is visiting Pulia village in Pandu block of Palamu district in Jharkhand where he meets an old man Maheshwar Bhuiyan who is more than 80 years old but have not got his old age pension yet. He has been visiting block office from long and have now got tired. You are requested to call District Collector@7250826612 to put pressure on Block Development officer to help the old man immediately who can’t even speak properly. Upendra@9661932374

Posted on: Sep 20, 2016. Tags: UPENDRA KUSHWAHA

Impact: After report on CGnet same officer called, promised to give card soon...

Upendra Kushwaha is talking to Raju Mehta who recorded a message on CGnet couple of days back complaining that he was running pillar to post from long to get his job card to apply for work in NREGA but no one was helping. Today couple of days after his report on CGnet ( message no 100506) BDO called himself and requested to meet him and have promised to give him the Job card in 15 days as per law. He thanks all CGnet listeners for talking to the officer to help him. Kushwaha@9661932374

Posted on: Jun 16, 2016. Tags: UPENDRA KUSHWAHA

We are not getting subsidized grain under PDS regularly, alleges villagers...

Upendra Kushwaha is talking to two villagers from Kerketta village in Utari road block of Palamu district in Jharkhand who complains to him that subsidized grain distribution is not regular under Govt’s Public Distribution System in their village and there are various kinds of irregularities. He says it is a similar story to nearby blocks where lots of black marketing of subsidized grain was unearthed after a recent enquiry. He requests us to call BDO@7250924367 and DC@9431715401,9431715198. Upendra@9661932374

Posted on: Jun 15, 2016. Tags: Upendra Kushwaha

I lost my husband 7 years ago but no widow pension yet, Please call officers...

My name is Chandrawati Kunwar. I live in Kerketta village, post Joga Block Utari road district Palamu, Jharkahnd, I lost my husband 7 years ago but yet to get any widow pension. I have contacted officers several times she says to Upendra Kushwaha but she is not being heard. She requests the listeners to help her. Please call Block Development Offocer@7261841199 and District Commissioner@9431715104 to help help her. For more Upendra@9661932374

Posted on: May 28, 2016. Tags: UPENDRA KUSHWAHA

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