Call to make 2012 an year of movements for change...

Kashinath Kevat from Jharkhand is giving a call to make 2012 an year of movements. He says Jharkhand has so much natural resources that it can be one of the richest states but the income from the state is cornered by very small number of mafia type people and general masses are suffering. The labors are not getting proper rate, farmers are suffering and many are forced to migrate to other states in search of work. This should change. For more Kevat ji can be reached at 08294100573

Posted on: Jan 03, 2012. Tags: Kashinath Kevat

Jharkhand Day is the time to revive struggle started by Birsa

Kashinath Kevat from Jharkhand says Jharkhand is celebrating its 11th establishment day today on 15th November which is also the birthday of Birsa Munda. Formation of Jharkhand was culmination of a long struggle started with the tradition of Birsa Munda and his fight but those expectations have not been fulfilled. Today it is time to restart that struggle to achieve the objecitives for which our ancestors had fought to create a separate Jharkhand. For more Kevat ji can be reached at 08092525072

Posted on: Nov 16, 2011. Tags: Kashinath Kevat