Worked under NREGA 6 months back, No payment yet

Raja from Satna district in Madhya Pradesh says his family members worked in some work under NREGA in August last year but all the 15 workers have not got their wages. They have complained to administration this year about non payment but there is no action. He requests administration to made the payments asap. For more Raja can be reached at 07828395946

Posted on: Jan 18, 2012. Tags: NREGA RAJA SATNA

Illegal mining on forest land, No impact of complaints to officials

Raja from Satna says near his village illegal mining work in the forest area is going from last 4 months. People work in the night and stop work during the day. He says I have informed the forest ranger about it and he says he will catch them on spot. Now it is 11.30 in the night the mining work is going on and Ranger is not picking up my phone after picking it up once. I want to bring it to the notice of higher forest officials. Are forest laws only for poor which puts so many restrictions on them? Raja can be reached on 0997745588

Posted on: Apr 23, 2011. Tags: FOREST LAND MINING RAJA SATNA