Member Hindi advisory committee to Central Tribal minister seeking advice...

Umesh Chandra Gaur member of Hindi advisory committee to Central Tribal minister in Delhi is requesting all of us to send him suggestions through messages in CGnet Swara. There is a meeting of the committee next month where 6 MPs are also members. He thinks Govt should publish details about schemes for adivasis also in all adivasi languages. Our suggestions will help him raise the issue in the meeting. For more Gaur Ji can be reached at 07507564590

Posted on: Dec 31, 2013. Tags: Umesh Gaur

Community needs to get together to fight corruption

Umesh Gaur from Fedearation of Community Based Organisation says that we need to get together to fight corruption and make Gram Swaraj a reality. he says, the fight against corruption need to be fought by community based associations like resident welfare associations

Posted on: Nov 25, 2010. Tags: Umesh Gaur

Social audit of government schemes is need of the hour

Umesh Chandra Gaur president of confederation of Community Based organisations says that Rajiv Gandhi said when 1 rupee goes from Delhi only 15 paisa reaches the villages and 85 paisa gets gobbled by corruption. All the community based organisations should come together to start nation wide social audit of all the government schemes to check where this each 85 paisa goes

Posted on: Nov 21, 2010. Tags: Umesh Gaur

अरे तजो आपस की फूट, अब तो मेल बढा लो

अरे तजो आपस की फूट, अब तो मेल बढा लो
फूट मेरे भारत में गर जो न होती
तो ऐसी ये हालत बनाई न होती
फूट मेरे देश के इन नेतन में न होती
इंदरा के गोली लगाई न होती
फूट मेरे भारत के महान व्यक्तियों में न होती
तो घर घर पडी ये तबाही न होती
फूट दशरथ और कैकयी में न होती
सीता को रावण चुरायी न होती

Posted on: Nov 16, 2010. Tags: Umesh Gaur

Recording a report on CGNet Swara

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