Better to migrate then working for schemes like NREGA

Gend Lal Sayyam is telling us about their problems around Revenue land and not forest Land. The villagers have applied for lands many time but no one is paying attention. They are being sent from pillar to post.The MNREGA scheme is not being run well. The payment was made not in 15 days as prescribed, sometimes for 4 months. First we were told that the rate would be 120 rupees per day, but the payment was made at the rate of 65 rupees per day. With the result, no one wants to do Panchayat work. People prefer to migrate and earn outside , they need to take care of their families.For more please contact Sayyam Ji at 07382668804

Posted on: May 22, 2012. Tags: GENDLAL SAYYAM NREGA