First got handicapped pension of 500, then 200 and now nothing from 2 yrs

Maloth Kishan is calling from Balpala village, Koravi Mandal, Warangal distinct of Andhra Pradesh to say that Today his is visiting a physically handicapped family. They say since two years they are not getting pension. First they got pension of Rs 500, then got reduced to Rs 200 per month, then it stopped. They have been to many officials but nothing has changed. You are requested to help. For more Maloth Kishan ji can be reached at 9676812833

Posted on: Apr 04, 2013. Tags: Maloth Kishan

We must work together to stop sale of young adivasi girls by parents in AP...

Maloth Kishan Ji is calling from Balapala Lingasamudram village, Kuravi Mandal, Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh to tell us that in his area selling of young female children by adivasi families is still continuing. Administration has stopped some incidents recently. This practie is prevalent in Koya and Lambada communities. We all need to work on this subject to stop this practice by talking to adivasi parents. Kishan ji can be reached at 09905782325

Posted on: Mar 30, 2013. Tags: Maloth Kishan