Women village heads: A mixed bag, some empowered, some are just proxy...

Bhan Sahu has participated in a 2 day conference of women village heads of Ambagarh Chouki in Rajnandgaon district in Chhattisgarh and says that her impression is mixed. Govt has given 33% reservation to women in Panchayati Raj ( it is supposed to increase to 50% for all states soon). She met some Sarpanchs who are doing their work well. But some Adivasi women sarpanchs did not know anything about their rights and duties. They did not know why they were in the meeting. So it is obvious what is their role in Panchayat.

Posted on: Jul 23, 2016. Tags: BHAN SAHU

शाधेर लाऊ बानाईलो मोरे बोईरागी...बंगाली गीत

श्यामनगर कोलकाता से आकांक्षा ठाकुर एक बांग्ला प्रचलित लोकगीत सुना रही हैं जो लौकी पर आधारित है:
शाधेर लाऊ बानाईलो मोरे बोईरागी-
लाउयेर आगा खईलम डोगागो खाईलाम-
लाऊ दिए बानाईलम डूगडूगी-
सदरम बनईले मोरे रागी-
लाउयेर एतो मोधू जानिगो जाधू-
शाधेर लाऊ बानाईलो मोरे बोईरागी...

Posted on: Jul 23, 2016. Tags: Akanksha Thakur

We've no electricity in our village, We get regular bills, My bill is for Rs 9000...

We have no electricity but we are getting regular bills says villagers from Itha village in Kaitha panchayat of Gangeo block Mangawan tehsil of Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. 350-400 Dalits and Adivasis live here and they have no wires, no electricity connection, but one man shows his electricity bill of Rs 9000 to Shivanand Dwivedi. He requests us to call Electricity officers@9425824566 and 9425424302 and also to Collector@9425903973 to help these suffering people. Shivanand@7869992139

Posted on: Jul 23, 2016. Tags: ELECTRICITY SHIVANAND DWIVEDI

भारत देशवा में अईले एड्स बिमरिया...एड्स जागरूकता गीत

मालीघाट कंचननगर (बिहार) से स्वास्थ्य कार्यकर्ता किरण कुमारी एड्स रोग के सम्बन्ध में जागरुकता गीत सुना रहीं हैं:
भारत देशवा में अईले एड्स बिमरिया-
सब लोग गईल घबराईल हो – चार गो कारण भईया याद तु हूं रखिहा-
पहिला कारन भईया तू हुं याद रखिहा – बिना कंडोम भईया कभी सम्बन्ध न बनईहा-
दूसरा कारन भईया याद तू हूँ रखिहा-
संक्रमित खून तू कभी न चढ़ईहा-
तीसरा कारन भईया याद तू हूँ रखिहा-
संक्रमित निडिल कभी न लगईहा-
भारत देशवा में अईले एड्स बिमरियां...

Posted on: Jul 23, 2016. Tags: SUNIL KUMAR

School ground gets flooded due to lack of boundary wall, children can't play...

Arti Valmiki is visiting Govt school in Ghanshyampura in Shahzadpura panchayat in Batiagarh block of Damoh district in Madhya Pradesh where she finds due to lack of a boundary wall the school ground gets inundated with flood water and the ground is also getting encroached by various people. Children are not able to play. Teachers have tried various times with many officers but no help has come. Please call Education officers@9993086682 and 9425112540 to help the children. Arti@9993358662

Posted on: Jul 23, 2016. Tags: ARTI VALMIKI EDUCATION

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