10 HIV positive patients in adivasi village, not getting any support from Govt...

500 people live in Satnamipada village in Khariar block of Nuapada district in Odisha, out of which 10 are HIV positive patients but they are not getting any support from Government says Shobha of Social Awareness Institute. These people are very poor and have requested Govt many times but they are also not getting pension or any support from any Government social security schemes. She requests us to call Collector@08895985872 to help suffering patients. For more Shobha@9777534060

Posted on: Aug 03, 2015. Tags: Shobha Nuapada

तू ही माँ जन्म भूमि पवित्र भारत भूमि...ओडिया देशभक्ति गीत

ग्राम-करियर,जिला नुआपाड़ा (उड़ीसा) से शोभा ओडिया देशभक्ति गीत सुना रही हैं:
तू ही माँ जन्म भूमि पवित्र भारत भूमि-
तोहरी संतान अम्बे तू सारदे-
तोर श्री चरण चिवा पाए-
मोना प्राण देबा राही बातो-
तोहरी नम आनन्द रबे-
तो आनंद बा होई सुखी-
कांदी बादु करे तोरा होई न दुखी-
अन मोहि मतो हरो नाही तरो पोटा करो-
मस्त करे हिमालय कर बोर तो बरो-
तू ही परसु ज्वाला दी ब्रह्मपुत्र सिन्धु नदी-
शरण नरी विरह विद्या मोहा सा गौरी...

Posted on: Aug 03, 2015. Tags: Shobha Nuapada

Pls call Collector Nuapada to help rescued bonded laborers

Khuturam Sunani is telling us a pathetic story of Paharia adivasis of Dhkunpani village in Nuapada district of Odisha who were forced to migrate to Andhra after forest department stopped allowing them to use bamboo which is their traditional work. There was no other Govt work going in village. The brick kiln owner harassed them a lot and now 26 of them have been rescued with the help of an NGO and local police chief but the labor department is not giving them compensation as per the Bonded labor act. Please call Collector at 09437120722 and Labor officer at 09938524175. For more please contact 09437657625

Posted on: May 24, 2012. Tags: KHUTURAM SUNANI NUAPADA

Police on Naxal hunt beats people, steals money in Nuapada

Khuturam Sunani says under the leadership of SP Nuapada a team of policemen went on a hunt for Naxals. Under suspicion of supporting the Naxals, they beat up one young man, resulting in fracturing his arm. The police took away two of his mobiles. In another story the police harassed a couple, and took away money from their house. The police refuted the allegations of causing fracture or of stealing money or goods. Sunani wants that the matter should be inquired into. For more sunani Ji can be reached at 09437657625

Posted on: Jan 28, 2012. Tags: KHUTURAM SUNANI NUAPADA

Maoist political killings continue in Nuapada, Odisha

Khuturam Sunani says Maoists have killed one more political person in Nuapada. In the latest incident they have killed a Block chairman of Nuapada block. He says you must have heard that they had killed MLA in Nabrangpur and also another political leader in Bolangir in last few weeks. People have called a bandh in protest of these killings. For more Sunani ji can be reached at 09437657625

Posted on: Nov 21, 2011. Tags: KHUTURAM SUNANI NUAPADA ODISHA

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