Request to give migrant Chhattisgarh tribals same rights in AP

Borra Raghavulu (ex-sarpanch of Mukamaduga panchayat, Burghampadu mandal, District: Khammam,AP) says in Gondi that migrant tribals from chhattisgarh have come and settled in their panchayat and have been staying with the local tribals. The reason for the migration is violence in Chhattisgarh and seeking livelihood and safety has bought them here. The local tribals have helped them in getting ration cards, voter id cards, but coming to caste certificate and land rights they are being denied by the officer as these people are not from AP. AP land rights act doesn’t permit to give land rights to migrant adivasis.
Raghavulu requests the Govt to take into consideration that all adivasis are the same and the AP tribals have relatives in Chhattisgarh also and their culture and basic habits are similar. So they are requesting the Govt to come up with a law to help migrant adivasis to avail basic rights any where in India.For more, Borra Raghavulu can be reached at 9502946226

Posted on: Jun 16, 2012. Tags: BORRA RAGHAVULU CHHATTISGARH