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आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में : दांत के रोगों का घरेलू उपचार

वैद्य एच .डी. गाँधी रायपुर (छ.ग़) से दांत के रोगों का घरेलू उपचार बता रहे हैं । दातों की सफाई तथा मजबूती के लिए नीबू के छिलके का पाउडर बना कर एव सरसों का तेल डालकर नमक मिलाकर दिन में 2 बार मसूडो में लगाने से दांत सफ़ेद एवं चमकदार होगे | हर प्रकार के जीवाणु का नाश होगा तथा पायरिया आदि रोगों से बचाव होता है. बरगद, करंज एवं आधझारा की दातून करने से दांत मजबूत होते है, जामफल की पत्ती या छाल 1 लीटर पानी में उबाले और एक चोथाई बचने पर कुल्ला करने से दातों के दर्द ,मसूड़ो में खून आना,दांत की दुर्गन्ध में लाभ होता है, पायरिया में नीम की पत्ती और आधझारा की भस्म को मिलाकर थोड़ा सा नमक मिलाकर मंजन जैसे उपयोग करने से दांत के सभी रोगों में आराम मिलता है । गांधी@9424631467

Posted on: Sep 23, 2016. Tags: Dr HD Gandhi

Our Govt should give more significance to World Adivasi day in our country...

Dr HD Gandhi is talking to Gulzar Singh Markam on World Adivasi day celebrations at Bharat Heavy Electrial Ltd-Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh where he says that he is glad that United Nations is observing a day for Indigenous people world wide, so that individual countries will also work for betterment of indigenous people. But this Adivasi day is not given much significance by Govt in our country which is very sad.This must change.Dr HD Gandhi@9329004468.

Posted on: Aug 09, 2014. Tags: Dr HD Gandhi Gondi

आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: पेट के कृमि का पारंपरिक उपचार

Dr. H D Gandhi is telling us traditional method to get rid of stomach worms often found in children. He says boil 1 small spoon false black pepper in 2 glass water until water is remaining to its half quantity. Giving this water to the children in 1 spoon in quantity 3-4 times a day is useful. In the morning giving 1 palash seed (Flame of forest) after adding jaggery for three consecutive days is also beneficial. Dr. H D Gandhi is at 9424631467

Posted on: Aug 03, 2014. Tags: Dr HD Gandhi

People leaving, avoiding village with arsenic in water, govt help not adequate...

Dr HD Gandhi is visiting Kaudikasa village in Ambagarh Chowki block of Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh where he meets Dr Indrajeet Kunjam who is telling him about the problem of Arsenic in water. He says it was detected 15 years ago and Govt has not made adequate provision of water from outside. People are leaving the village and more people are falling sick. People have started avoiding the village for its arsenic problem. Dr Gandhi@9424229510

Posted on: May 23, 2014. Tags: DR HD GANDHI WATER

आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: माहवारी में गूलर का उपयोग

Rajinder Khatri is telling traditional remedy for excessive bleeding during menstruation period. She says women face many problems during menstruation period like white discharge, excessive bleeding etc. Grind bark of Indian Fig tree to make powder. Taking this powder twice a day with rice washed water is very useful. She adds special attention should be given to cleanliness as well. Rajinder Khatri’s is at 9407124959

Posted on: May 22, 2014. Tags: Dr HD Gandhi

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