Impact: Jharkhandi laborers get due payment within hours of report on Swara

My name is Santosh Tudu. I am calling from Ranchi in Jharkhand. Some laborers from here who were working in Rajasthan told me that they have not been paid by their contractor for months and asked for my help. I suggested them to report on Swara. I am glad to share that within few hours of the report some activists and journalists got active and in result there was an emergency meeting in the company and the laborers were paid the next day. The laborers and I thank everyone who helped. For more Santosh Ji can be reached at 09471756840

Posted on: Oct 04, 2012. Tags: Santosh Ranchi

Tribals revolts against British predate first war of independence

Santosh from Jharkhand sends greetings on the occassion of Republic Day on 26th January. He says many sacrificed their lives to give us this day. Though it is said that the first fight of independence started in 1857 but tribals were the first to understand the British and the tribals revolts go back to as early as 1757 when people like Tilka Majhi, Sidhu Kanhu and Birsa Munda revolted against British. He says it is only a day of celebration but also a day to recall our responsibilites

Posted on: Jan 25, 2011. Tags: Santosh Ranchi

Observations from a tribal fair in Ranchi

Santosh of Jharkhand has sent his observation after visiting a tribal fair in Ranchi. He says he felt western culture is taking an upper hand over traditions there. He says lots of people were dancing there but where there were traditional drums he found only older women and uneducated youth. Educated well dressed youth was dancing to tunes from speakers and those who were very well educated they did not take part in any dance. He says we should adopt western culture but that should not overrule our traditions

Posted on: Nov 17, 2010. Tags: Santosh Ranchi

Recording a report on CGNet Swara

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