हो बन्नी, हो बन्नी रोना नहीं...विवाह गीत

ग्राम-नगमा, जिला-रीवा (मध्यप्रदेश) से सुनीता एक गीत सुना रही हैं:
हो बन्नी, हो बन्नी रोना नहीं-
पापा के याद में मम्मी के याद में-
मम्मी ने सही पालकर तैयार किया-
पापा ने वर ढूँढ के बंधन डाल दिया-
हो बननी, हो बन्नी रोना नहीं-
चाची ने सही पालकर तैयार किया-
चाचा ने वर ढूँढ के बंधन डाल दिया...

Posted on: Feb 18, 2017. Tags: SONG SUNITA REWA VICTIMS REGISTER

Impact: Women self help groups got subsidised grain to cook mid-day meal, thanks...

My name is Sunita. I am secretary of Jai Gurudev women self help group in Dabhaura in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. I want to thank all of you beacuse all the self help groups here have now got support of grain to continue cooking mid-day meal in schools. This was very helpful and please continue helping poor people like this but the grain was made available at a Public Distribution shop which is 40 kms away. We request you to please call officers to deliver the subsidised grain in Dabhaura itself. Sunita@8827777268

Posted on: Jul 31, 2016. Tags: MID-DAY MEAL SUNITA REWA

Women self help group cooking midday meal not got money from 6 months...

Sunita Sakhi is calling from Majhiyari village of Rewa district MP. She says her Self Help Group is cooking mid day meal at Girls middle school, Dabhoura, Rewa but has not got any money from Govt since Jan 2014. she has requested many times to govt officials for funds but no result. They are in debt of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs. She is requesting all of us to help them by calling BRC@ 9669479500 and collector@9425147740 to help them get the money. Sunita@8827777268


उतरत महेन लागत फगुन पिया औगत कौने महीना में...बघेली होली गीत

उतरत महेन लागत फगुन पिया औगत कौने महीना में
चार महीना गर्मी ऋतु न आयें टप टप चुअत पसिनमा
उतरत महेन लागत फागुन पिया औगत कोनें महीना में
फिर बर्षा ऋतु न आये टप टप चुअत महलिया मैं
पिया तू औगत कोनें महीना चार महीना ठंडी ऋतु न आये
फर फर कांपे बदनवाँ पिया तू औगत कौने महीना
चार महीना चिठियों लिख भेजो देदो जवाब
पिया तू औगत कौने महीना

Posted on: Mar 03, 2014. Tags: Sunita Rewa

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