Gujarat Police fails to file chargesheet in 3 months, Adivasis released on bail

Advocate Bilal Kagzi from Mangrol in Gujarat is telling us about a case where 15 adivasis were put behind bar in February after police had filed 22 cases against them. Now after 90 days police has not been able to file chargesheet and hence the adivasis have got bail. He hopes the adivasis will get justice though the case filed by them under SC/ST act has not been taken into cognizance yet. For more Kagzi Ji can be reached at 09429507017

Posted on: Jun 08, 2013. Tags: Bilal Kagzi

Non-tribals illegally taken tribal land for mining in Gujarat, Complaint dont help

Bilal Qagzi says he met people from Pokhran Village of Sohangarh Taluk in Gujarat where some people have started stone quarries in the village on the land that belongs to the tribals. The blasts from stone quarries release powder and stones which have damaged the crops. He says some Parsi has acquired a lease for 99 years for the land that belongs to the tribals, which is illegal, and this has taken away the primary source of livelhood away from the tribals. He reports even after making numerous complaints at different platforms the authorities have not taken any action to shut down the quarry. For more Bilal Ji can be reached at 09429507017

Posted on: May 06, 2013. Tags: BILAL KAGZI LAND MINING

Gujrat advocate alleges attack by BJP goons with police support, needs help

Advocate Bilal Kagzi from Kosamba village in Surat district of Gujarat is telling us that some people attacked his house on 17th April. He alleges that attack was made because he has filed cases against supporters of ruling BJP. Some family members have been hurt and his pregnant wife has been hospitalised. Police is supporting the attackers and have filed a false case against him. He requests us to write to authorities to help him and his family. For more Kagzi Ji can be reached at 09998950734

Posted on: Apr 20, 2013. Tags: Bilal Kagzi

Police arrested,tortured adivasis in Gujrat, Now not obeying court orders...

Bilal Kagzi, a human right lawyer is telling us about police atrocities on the tribals of Kaushamba village in Surat,Gujarat. Last month police arrested 15 persons from the village,alleging them of stealing electricity wire. Bilal says that it was a fake case and the villagers were brutally tortured and were given electric shocks in their private parts. Statements of witnesses or victims are yet not recorded by the police even after such directions by the local court. Bilal alleges the local court for being biased which favours police and intently delays such cases. He finds this situation dangerous for our democratic system. For more Bilal Kagzi can be reached on 09429507017

Posted on: Mar 28, 2013. Tags: Bilal Kagzi