आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके हाथ में :चिकंगुनिया, डेंगू आदि जैसे बीमारियों का उपचार...

ग्राम बगरावा, तहसील नीम-का-थाना, जिला सीकर (राजस्थान) से कैलाश मीना जी चिकंगुनिया, डेंगू आदि जैसे बीमारियों का रोग उपचार बता रहें है (निम् बेलोय) पहला विधि : गीली है तो इसका रस निकालकर पिने से चिकंगुनिया, डेंगू आदि जैसे बीमारियों से बचाया जा सकता हैं | दूसरा विधि : सुखा है तो इसको अदरक की तरह कूट कर उबाले फिर उपयोग करें |अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें-कैलाश मीना@8085199995


Murder of Anti Mining activist: Case on people demanding arrest of murderers

Kailash Meena from Sikar district in Rajasthan is telling us that on 4th March this year anti-mining activist Pradeep Sharma was murdered allegedly by mining mafia. Many are sitting on dharna since then demanding arrest of culprits. Instead of making arrest Govt has made a case against the people who are sitting on dharna and have asked to appear in court today. You are requested to pressurize Govt to arrest culprits. Meenaji is at 9928136988

Posted on: Sep 10, 2013. Tags: KAILASH MEENA MINING

Illegal Mining continues so is dharna demanding justice to slain activist...

Kailash Meena from Sikar district of Rajasthan is reminding us of murder of anti illegal mining activist Pradeep Sharma who was murdered in March this year. A dharna led by local women demanding punishing the culprits has entered 130th day in Pachri Kalan village but neither much has been done to arrest the culprits nor illegal mining in Aravali has stopped. You are requeted to put pressure on Govt for both. For more Kailash ji can be reahced at 09928136988

Posted on: Jul 30, 2013. Tags: KAILASH MEENA MINING

Peaceful protest against illegal mining needs your help

Kailash Meena from Sikar district of Rajasthan is reporting about ongoing protest against illegal mining. He says the farmers are sitting on peaceful dharna from 5th April. on 19th police tried to break the agitation by force, then on 4th May arrested 12 people including 6 women. They were illegally kept in jail for 2 days before being charged with unbailable offences. People have started hunger fast since and some of them are in bad situation. He requests everyone to help to put pressure on Govt. Meena ji can be reached at 09587463823

Posted on: May 10, 2011. Tags: KAILASH MEENA MINING

Illegal mines of Rajasthan may be source of disappeared explosives

Kailash Meena from Sikar district of Rajasthan is reporting that you are aware that recently 164 trucks filled with explosives have got disappeared which may have gone to wrong hands. According to reports 30 trucks originated from Sikar district from the same illegal mines which are also damaging people’s houses and destroying water sources. They punish the people who oppose them with the help of police and administration

Posted on: Sep 09, 2010. Tags: Kailash Meena

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