No NREGA work from 6 years, we need to migrate to cities in search of work...

Arjun Patel is calling from Sutarpada village of Kaprada tehsil, Valsad district in Gujarat and talking to villagers from Rahore and Kerdha village. They say people from both villages haven’t got work under NREGA for 6 years now and they migrate in search of labor to cities like Nasik. They leave families and children back home and there will be none to take care of them. Govt despite of knowing this facts doesn’t care to provide them any support. To help them call Tehsildar@7567596289. Arjun Patel@9712526065.

Posted on: Mar 13, 2015. Tags: ARJUN PATEL NREGA

No road in Gujarat Adivasi village, difficult to walk in rain, ambulance can't reach...

Arjun Patel is visiting Kapruniya Faliya under Mandva village in Kaparana tehsil of Valsad district in Gujrat where Ballabh Bhai tells him that the condition of road to their adivasi village is very bad. During rain it is difficult to even walk and ambulance can’t come.This was complained to officials many times but no action has been taken. You are requested to call Tehsildar@7567596289 MLA@9825112046 and Sarpanch@ 9427868285 to help. Arjun Patel@9712526065

Posted on: Feb 27, 2015. Tags: ARJUN PATEL ROAD

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