All handpums in our village not working for months,Complaints don't work

Chhotelal Tirkey from Barbaspur village in Pratappur block of Surajpur district is talking to two villagers who tells him that all the 5 handpumps in the village are not functional from 5 months and numerous complaints have not worked. They say in the monsoon people are forced to drink dirty water and are falling sick. A member of the Gram Panchyat says thier resolutions from the panchayat also does not help. They say please help us by calling collector at 09826443377. For more Tirkey ji can be reahced at 09575478082

Posted on: Aug 06, 2012. Tags: Chhotelal Tirkey

NREGA: No wages from a year, going to Collector also does not help

Chhotelal Tirkey from Surajpur district of Chhattisgarh is talking to two laborers from Dumadadh village in Pratapur block who tells him that they worked under NREGA a year back but they have not got their wages. They say they also went to collector and he assured immediate payment but one week has passed since then too. They request us to call Chief Exective officer Paras Painkra at 09406134363 to enquire why the laborers have not been paid from one year. For more Tirkey ji can be reached at 08959951029

Posted on: Jul 10, 2012. Tags: CHHOTELAL TIRKEY NREGA