Foot March demanding 5 acre to each landless reaching Bhopal, Pls join...

Achchhelal Adivasi who was walking with Padyatra of Dalit Mahasabha demanding 5 acre of land to each land less from 1st January 2013 is telling us that their foot march is reaching capital of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal tomorrow where there will be a big meeting on occasion of martyrdom day of Birsa Munda. He requests all of us to join the rally to strengthen the hands of struggling dalits and adivasis. For more Adivasi Ji can be reached at 09584259737

Posted on: Jun 09, 2013. Tags: Achchhelal Adivasi

मेहनत करे लंगोटी वाला, टोपी वाला खाए रे...एक गीत

न्याय नाम की चीज नहीं है,
अन्याय बढ़ता जाये रे !
मेहनत करे लंगोटी वाला,
टोपी वाला खाए रे ....२
मर मर कर जो मेहनत करता,
उसका पेट कभी नहीं भरता ....२
पाल रहा जो जग को सारा ,
खुद भूखा सो जाये रे !
मेहनत करे लंगोटी वाला,
टोपी वाला खाए रे ....२
अत्याचार, भ्रष्टाचार इसी को कहते शिष्टाचार !
दिन दिन मेरे देश की हालत ,
देखो बिगड़ती जाये रे !
मेहनत करे लंगोटी वाला,
टोपी वाला खाए रे ....२

Posted on: Feb 28, 2013. Tags: Achchhelal Adivasi

One Billion Rising: Pregnant battered homeless woman requesting your help

Achchhelal Adivasi is visiting a village called Kol in Haryana where he meets a pregnant woman who tells her the story of how she is facing violence at home from her family. She made a case but the judge sent her back and again the family has thrown her out. They also tried to kill her. He requests all of us when we are celebrating One billion rising programs, we should also help this hapless woman. For more Achchhela Ji can be reached at 09584259737

Posted on: Feb 14, 2013. Tags: Achchhelal Adivasi

Village school teachers dont teach our children at all, alleges adivasi woman...

Achchhelal Adivasi who is walking with Adivasi Andolan padyatra of Dalit Mahasabha in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh has reached Gaditara village in Jaba block. While discussing the issues of villagers with hundreds of them who have assembled there one lady tells him that the bad situation of school education is a major cause of worry for poor people like her. She would like her children to be educated but teachers do not teach at all. For more Achchhelal Ji can be reached at 09685579985

Posted on: Jan 14, 2013. Tags: ACHCHHELAL ADIVASI EDUCATION

Village women in Rewa MP requests to help solve their water problem...

Achchhelal Adivasi walking with foot march of Dalit Mahasabha has reached village Ghuchru in Jaba block in Rewa district in MP today where he is talking to village women. All of them tell him that their biggest problem is water which they need to bring from far off. They tell him that after monsoon there is some water in the nearby nullahs but that also gets dry after a while. He requests Collector to help these women. The Yatra which started in 1st January will end in June in Bhopal. For more Achchhelal Ji can be reached at 09584259737

Posted on: Jan 12, 2013. Tags: ACHCHHELAL ADIVASI REWA WATER

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