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Gorakhpur: Mill owners agree to take back some of the workers

Jaypushp from Gorakhpur is reporting about a major victory of ongoing workers movement there when in a meeting in presence of collector the mill owners agreed to reinstate 12 of 18 suspended workers. The decision about rest of the workers will be taken after an enquiry. As you know a mill owner had fired at protesting workers on May 3rd and instead of arresting the offenders the administration had arrested the workers. The workers will continue their agitation demanding more action. For details please contact Jaypushp at 09899093967

Posted on: Jun 02, 2011. Tags: Jaypushp Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur: Arrested workers start hunger strike in Jail...

Jaypushp from Gorakhpur is telling us about the latest situation in Gorakhpur workers agitation. All the 14 arrested workers have started indefinite hunger strike in the jail. Leader of the movement who was arrested from an unknown place was produced in court and all the jailed workers have been charged with attempt to suicide. The mill owners have threatened if the workers do not return to work they will loose their job. For more Jaypushp can be reached at 09899093967

Posted on: May 22, 2011. Tags: Jaypushp Gorakhpur

Police attacks peaceful agitators, many injured, arrested...

Jaypushp from Gorakhpur says police yesterday attacked a peaceful demonstration of workers when they went to collector office to give their memorandum. More than 25 were injured and 12 workers were arrested. Leader of the movement was picked up by police and have not been produced in court yet. No arrests have been made on mill owners who fired on workers on 3rd may. Jaytosh can be reached on 09899093967. He appeals to all to put pressure on the administration to listen to legal demands of workers

Posted on: May 21, 2011. Tags: Jaypushp Gorakhpur

Workers fired at for taking part in May Day rally now reinstated...

Sandeep from Gorakhpur is telling us about the situation after firing on workers on 3rd May in which 2 were seriously injured. Workers were protesting removal of 18 workers for taking part in a May day rally. Due to continued protest since then workers have been reinstated. But other similar protests in nearby factories have not yielded results yet. Some workers were arrested in between but are now released. Workers are now planning a big rally on 16th May and are prepared for a long fight. For more Sandeep can be reached on 08447011935

Posted on: May 14, 2011. Tags: Sandeep Gorakhpur