बहुत बढ़ी महंगाई साहब, बहुत बढ़ी महंगाई...बघेली कविता

ग्राम-डभौरा, जिला-रीवा (म.प्र.) से अरुण प्रताप सिंह के साथ एक बालक रोहना प्रसाद सिंह हैं जो एक बघेली कविता सुना रहा हैं:
बहुत बढ़ी महंगाई साहब,बहुत बढ़ी महंगाई-
तेल बिना भय सुनी कढाई कैसे कय लागे चोउका-
इतनी महँगी गैस न बरइ दुलई छुला दोउका-
दार खाए का सब्जी मनई रोज घुलाती सोती
बहुत बढ़ी महंगाई साहब...

Posted on: Jun 01, 2017. Tags: Arun Pratap Singh SONG VICTIMS REGISTER

Our Ledri river has dried, animal, men suffering, leaders must act to save it...

Ledri river was the place where wild animals drank water but that has dried completely and animals are suffering says Arun Pratap Singh from Dabhaura in Jawa block in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. People go there for cremation and because there is no water in the river they need to come back home to take a bath and people are angry. He requests us to call MLA@8120866999 and MP@9926984118 to deepen the river so that there is water in the river all the time. Officers are not helping. Singh@8085037211

Posted on: Jun 22, 2016. Tags: Arun Pratap Singh SONG VICTIMS REGISTER