Govt arresting farmers for not able to pay back farm loans, Farmers angry...

Ashish Dixit is calling from Banda district in UP and is sharing details of 2 farmers who have been arrested for not being able to pay back their loans. He alleges that Govt is not touching influential farmers but is harassing smaller farmers when they have not been able to pay back because of crop failure. Farmers are angry and are planning a movement. Pls call SDM Atarra@9454415975 and Collector@9454417531 to release the farmers. Ashish@8924998533

Posted on: Aug 28, 2014. Tags: Ashish Sagar Dixit SONG VICTIMS REGISTER

UP Govt officials force, threaten farmers after they decide to boycott elections...

Ashish Dixit is calling from Banda district of UP where 2000 farmers from 4 villages of Khahra, Patna, Muredi and Baniakhond of Hamirpur Mahoba constituency today boycotted elections unhappy with Govt attitude towards them after their crop failure. This evening Govt officials reached same villages and forced local Govt officials to vote and have threatened farmers that they wont get Govt support in future. Ashish@ 8924998533

Posted on: Apr 30, 2014. Tags: Ashish Sagar Dixit

Farmer suicide, No debt relief: 2000 UP farmers decide to boycott elections...

Ashish Sagar Dixit is calling from Banda in Bundelkhand region of UP to tell that farmers from 4 villages in the Matondh region have decided not to vote on elections on 30th April. A farmer committed suicide recently but Govt has not bothered to give family any support. He says more than 4000 such farmers have committed suicide in last 14 years in Bundelkhand region. Around 2000 farmers from region have decided that their is no point voting. Ashish@8924998533

Posted on: Apr 28, 2014. Tags: Ashish Sagar Dixit

Farmers in Bundelkhand UP start agitation demanding cancellation of debt...

Ashish Sagar Dixit is telling us from Mataun in Banda district in Uttar Pradesh where debt ridden farmers from 57 villages have started a 3 day dharna today demanding scrapping of debt. Govt is also collecting electricity bill with interest. If Govt does not listen they will start fast unto death after 3 days, they say. Total debt on farmers in Bundelkhand is 1680 crore and Supreme Court has ordered banks to not waive the debts. For more Ashish is at 8924998533

Posted on: Feb 15, 2014. Tags: Ashish Sagar Dixit

Villagers on strike but illegal sand mining continues even after Govt promise...

Ashish Sagar Dixit is calling from Banda in Bundelkhand (in UP) to say that villagers from village Khaptia Kala and Kanwara sat on strike demanding stoppage of illegal sand mining. Officials promised an inquiry but they are not doing it properly and illegal sand mining continues though there are clear instructions from Supreme Court against it. You are requested to call officials responsible for the inquiry at 09454489292/ 09454415981/9450417531. Ashish@9621287464

Posted on: Feb 02, 2014. Tags: ASHISH SAGAR DIXIT MINING

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