Kerala folk song Polika Polika, sung by Pulaya and Malaya community...

Maya NS, from Thrissur District of Kerala, sings a folk song sung during the Pottan Theyyam, one of the ritualistic dance form in Kerala.The Pottan Theyyam is mainly performed by people belonging to Malayar and Pulayar communities.Here a man from Pulaya community questions the caste system.First he praises the god,food, and the light.Then he praises village,town and the world.He says he was ordered to go back by the upper caste men, when he was walking through the paddy field.He questions the order by asking “why should I go back”.This song draws the braveness of the Pulaya to question the Caste system and untouchability.

Posted on: May 12, 2018. Tags: MAYA KERALA

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