Story of dalit rape victim: Police, SC commission none help

Advocate Uttam Gautam is telling us story of a dalit woman who was gang raped in 2010. When she went to police they did not do anything on the case. She went to SC/ST commission. When they took up the case the investigation came to same police officers. In the mean time her husband left her. Two of her children were kidnapped by the rapists. But she did not relent. She now lives in a small house alone but there seems to be no end to her fight. For more Mr Gautam can be reached at 09721813108

Posted on: Oct 29, 2011. Tags: Uttam Gautam

Raped woman gets help from villagers but not from Police...

Uttam Gautam is telling us about a Dalit woman who was raped by a driver and she somehow escaped and saved herself. The villagers from nearby took her to police and helped file a complaint. But police has not helped her and have made her sign on a blank paper. A complaint to SC/ST commission and Women’s commission has not helped. Her family has also now disowned her. For more Mr Gautam cane be reached at 09721813108

Posted on: Oct 24, 2011. Tags: Uttam Gautam

Starvation death : Officials reach the family but no relief yet

Uttam Gautam from Allahabad says y’day I had told you about death of half of family of a handicapped person of starvation and disease. After that some officers reached the family and have made the person sign on an empty paper. They talked about punishing the local anganwadi workers but no relief has reached the suffering family. For more Mr Gautam can be reached at 09889002043

Posted on: Sep 10, 2011. Tags: Uttam Gautam

Half of dalit family died of starvation, disease, got no help

Uttam Gautam from Allahabad is telling us about a dalit family in which half the family members have died due to starvation and diseases. The BPL card of the family is kept by some pwerful man in the village. One person in the family gets handicapped pension but that is often late by months. His pregnant wife died but did not get money due to pregnant women. Another handicapped in the family does not get pension. Village head have not helped the family. For more Mr Gautam can be reached at 09889002043

Posted on: Sep 09, 2011. Tags: Uttam Gautam

Hardware installed- operators not available

Although the police stations in Allahabad area have a facility for lodging FIR electronically, no one is trained to operate the computers. Money is demanded for obtaining operators first and then for getting a printout of the FIR- Reports Uttam Gautam 9721813108

Posted on: Sep 05, 2011. Tags: Uttam Gautam

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