Contractor system shd end, workers shd be made permanent

Manoj Sangi from Kota in Rajasthan says contractor system should finish in our country. He says in the areas near him the contract laborers are badly treated by the officers and also the contractors and they have no job security. They are paid less and if they protest they loose their jobs. But because there are no jobs around so they are forced to do this work for years. This system should end. For more Sangi ji can be reached at 08890127086

Posted on: Nov 15, 2011. Tags: Manoj Sangi

Child labor still continues in Rajasthan stone mines

Manoj Sangi from Kota in Rajasthan says that in stone mines there, many children are still working. Though Govt has made a law that every child should go to school but not only many children are doing hard work in the mines but they are also becoming victim of bad intoxicating habits. He blames the parents who foce their children to work. He requests all of us to do something so these children should go to school. For more Manoj ji can be reached at 08890127086

Posted on: Nov 09, 2011. Tags: Manoj Sangi

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