40 dalit houses burnt, Pls call collector to help them with food, house support...

Satya Banchhor is calling from Bandhapali village in Mukundpur panchayat of Devga block in Bolangir district in Odisha where dali families live. On 29th April when people had gone to collect tendu leaf 40 houses got burnt. Now all the families are living under trees and have almost nothing to eat. You are requested to call Collector Dr M Muthukumar@9437023381 to help these families with immediate help of food items and help to rebuild their houses with Indira Awas. For more Satya@9937217291

Posted on: May 03, 2016. Tags: FOOD SATYA BANCHHOR

Leprosy patient families living without house, pls call officer to help them...

Satya Banchhor is telling us about 43 leprosy affected families in Mahatma Gandhi Kushtha ashram who do not have any house and are living under the sun. District administration have been requested many times to help them but nothing happens. He says there are so many schemes to help leprosy patients but what is happening on those schemes. Similarly so much money is spent on various development schemes but situation of poor does not improve. Pls call Collector to help leprosy patients@9437023381. Satya@9438739867

Posted on: Apr 17, 2016. Tags: Satya Banchhor

सुख दुःख को मुंडई झरना लेनो हैं समुद्र दौड़ा रे...उड़िया कविता

जिला-बलांगीर (उड़ीसा) से सत्य बंसोर उड़िया भाषा में एक कविता सुना रहे हैं | जिसका शीर्षक है रक्त बिंदु :
सुख दुःख को मुंडई झरना लेनो हैं समुद्र दौड़ा रे-
जा सोत्ते नोई अभिरत जारिरो सरकार अटकय वकु-
अटा वर्ष सैला कुरुशी छड गंत्र किदेह पर समापनो-
कम्पनी माने विबो लोह-लोह रे टाटी बस च-
सोसिना बाको तबु पानी जाको-
देशरा विकास रा ढोल बाजी ची-
दलाल व् सार्त बाजिन पेडा लागी ची-
यत शीघ्र लोके अवे यत यत-

Posted on: Apr 13, 2016. Tags: Satya Banchhor

Pro Lower Suktel dam people attack leaders returning from anti dam rally...

Satya Banchhor from Bolangir district of Odisha is telling us that last night when two leaders Prafulla Samantara and Lingaraj were returning from a foot march to protest Lower Suktel dam they were manhandled at railway station by pro-dam activists. He says pro dam people are regularly attacking local anti dam people and are putting false cases against them with connivance from govt officials. For more Satya Ji can be reached at 09438739867

Posted on: Jun 27, 2013. Tags: Satya Banchhor

Lower Suktel dam protesters extend support to people fighting Posco...

Satya Banchhor from Bolangir district of Odisha is telling us that the people protesting Lower Suktel dam there are doing a foot march and on 9th day of the march they wore black dress and protested against the proposed Posco steel project and showed their solidarity with that movement. He says the people said in the meeting that they will give their lives but will not leave their land for industry. For more Satya Ji can be reached at 09438739867

Posted on: Jun 23, 2013. Tags: Satya Banchhor

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