Impact: Hand pump repaired after Swara report but throwing colored water...

Ramesh Kasa is talking to Laxman Davar of Atthava village, Badi Begal panchayat, Sondwa block, Alirajpur district in MP. A hand pump in the local school premises was broken for long and complaints of villagers did not get any response. It was reported on Swara in December 2014, following which it got repaired but gives colored water which is not drinkable. He appeals for a new hand pump and thanks listeners for helping. Contact PHE@7354055388. Laxman Davar@9753856268.

Posted on: Jan 07, 2016. Tags: RAMESH KASA WATER

Impact: After reported on Swara many now getting old age pension, Thanks...

Ramesh Kasa is talking to Jeevanlal Saket of Ward no.1 of Lipaniya village, Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh. Pension for old aged was discontinued for as long as 4 to 6 months in the village. Authorities continuously ignored their appeal for regular distribution of pension. They then reported it on Swara in July 2015, following this Collector has responded and they are now getting pension regularly. Jeevanlal Saket thanks Swara community for the help. For more Jeevanlal@9826179966.

Posted on: Jan 05, 2016. Tags: RAMESH KASA

Impact: My old parents getting old age pension after report on Swara, thanks...

Ramesh Kasa is speaking to Balikaran Prasad of Panwarkala village, Panwar panchayat, Jaba teshil, Rewa district in MP whose parents were not getting old age pension though both were more than 70 years old. Pension for mother had never started and for father had stopped. A message was recorded on Swara following this officers have responded and both elders have been issued old age pension now. He thanks listeners for helping his parents in getting pension. For more Balikaran@8349603074

Posted on: Dec 20, 2015. Tags: RAMESH KASA

Impact: Farmers got compensation from forest dept after reporting on Swara...

Tiger had attacked and killed cattles in two nearby villages where I had visited but farmers had not got compensation says Saroj Paraste of Dargarh village, Kundam block, Jabalpur district in Madhya Pradesh to Ramesh Kasa. She first spoke to District forest officers but they did not respond then she reported it on Swara and after pressure by the listeners DFO responded and farmers have now got Rs 10,000 as compensation. Saroj Paraste thanks listeners for helping village farmers. For more Ramesh Kasa@9479003189.

Posted on: Aug 09, 2015. Tags: FOREST RAMESH KASA

Impact: 15 km road being laid after Swara report, thanks for your help calls...

Ramesh Kasa is talking to Pendor Bhapurao of Lokari- B village, Sangvi panchayat, Narnur tehsil, Adilabad district in Telangana. A report was made in CGNet in February 2015 stating lack of road facility to their village, which caused inconvenience for long years. Bhapurao says in Gondi that, road construction begun in March for 15 km, but it is not till the town. He appeals the road should be laid till the town and thanks Swara team for bringing out the story and helping with the road. For more Pendor Bhapurao@8500022701.

Posted on: Jul 11, 2015. Tags: GONDI RAMESH KASA ROAD

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