Booked ticket in railway reserved compartment but got seat in general bogie...

Pushplata is calling from Rajnandgaon district in Chhattisgarh and says she with her child and 80 other passenger’s had reservation under emergency quota in Gondawana express from Delhi’s Hazarat Nizamuddin station on 3rd April 2015 but there was a general compartment which was converted as reserve compartment. Railway officials did not listen to passengers plea though it was very difficult for passengers to travel in a general compartment. They had also disconnected the emergency chain. Pushplata@9302276634

Posted on: Apr 06, 2015. Tags: Pushplata

Chhattisgarhi song requesting not to marry daughter before 18

काचा उमर मा झन कर बाबू, मोरे तै बिहाव गा
तोर हाथ जोडत हों, तोरे पांव पडत हों
झन भेज मोला ससुराल गा

पढते लिखतेओ आगे बढतेओ
सपना रहिस कि बहुत कुछ करतेओ
घर गृहस्ती ला कैसे सहिबो
हमे जी नादान ला

कोवर कोंवर हाथ गोड मोर

पातर कनिया काचा कोख मोर
मया का होथे जान नहीं मैं
हवो जी अज्ञान गा

बिहाव की उमर कम से कम अठरा
नहीं तो जच्चा बच्चा ला खतरा
डोला ला सजाके रखबे
अर्थी बर हो तैयार गा

Posted on: Oct 17, 2010. Tags: Pushplata Ganvi

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