A working day to long when everything goes wrong...American Song

Tom is from England and he is singing an American Country song by Randy Travis called Reasons I Cheat :
A working day too long when everything goes wrong-
And a boss who don’t know I’m alive-
I once had a notion I’d get that promotion, but now I barely survive-
A wife to demanding with no understanding – Of why I stay dead on my feet-
A dimly lit tavern a willing young woman-
Are some of the reasons I cheat-
The hair that I’m losing and a women who’s choosing-
To lay sound asleep by my side-
The bills they are mounting that’s when I start counting-
On someone to help sooth my pride-
A lady that knows me affection she shows me and a smile so easy and sweet-
The dreams that I’ve buried the load that I’ve carried-
Are some of the reasons I cheat…

Posted on: Aug 02, 2018. Tags: AMERICAN SONG TOM GOODWIN