Impact: Mid-day meal cooks got partial due wages from year after Swara report...

Kailash Giri is calling from Bokaro in Jharkhand and says payment of Mid-day meal cooks in many schools was due frpm 10-12 months in Bokaro district. He reported it on Swara in November 2014. After listeners pressurized officers half of the payment is made to all those women and due amount is expected soon. We thank Swara listeners and officers in helping the poor women in getting their wages and hope you will continue to help suffering people in the same way. Kailash Giri@9608511810.

Posted on: Mar 26, 2015. Tags: KAILASH GIRI MID-DAY MEAL

Govt should take care of health attendents who takes care of other's health...

Kailash Giri is calling from Bokaro in Jharkhand to say over 40,000 women in Jharkhand work as Sahiya Behan but are not getting paid any salary. They says that they attend all kind of medical emergencies in health centers and take care of pregnant women without any holidays. Lalitha Devi of Chandrapur block says they work hard day and night and run families with some token support. She appeals for salaries and other facilities for Sahiya’s. Kailash Giri@9608511810.

Posted on: Dec 19, 2014. Tags: KAILASH GIRI

Stone crushers mining more, not giving proper wage, safety gear to workers...

Kailash Giri is calling from Chandrpura block of Bokaro district in Jharkhand to allege that stone-crusher owners are mining more stone than they are reporting in their official releases. Workers are also neither provided enough wages nor safety devices and it is likely there will be accident so he is appealing for investigation. You are requested to call District office@ 06542232701, Mining officer @9431161336 and Factory inspection officer@7856817539. Giri@9608511810

Posted on: Dec 18, 2014. Tags: KAILASH GIRI MINING

4500 school midday meal cooks not got wage from 20 months, pls call officers...

Kailash Giri is calling from Bokaro in Jharkhand and says payment for mid-day meal cooks is due from March 2013 in entire Bokaro district. They get 1,000 rupees per month but only 10 months of payment is made in a year. Around 4,500 Self Help Group women are waiting for their wages but education Dept is not responding.You are requested to call District Educational Officer@8521544792 , Deputy Commissioner@06542232701 to help these hapless women. Kailash Giri@9608511810.

Posted on: Nov 13, 2014. Tags: EDUCATION KAILASH GIRI MID-DAY MEAL

BPL families were to get money for making Aadhar cards but no payment here...

Kailash Giri is calling from Tarnari village of Chandrapura block, Bokaro district in Jharkhand and says that under a scheme, BPL card holders with Aadhar number were to receive 100 rupees per family. The money was released in August but Tarnari Sarpanch and Secretary have been delaying distribution of the funds. The government officials have also not done anything to speed up this process. You are requested to call BDO@9939969111, Deputy Commissioner Office@06542232701. Kailash Giri@9608511810.

Posted on: Nov 08, 2014. Tags: Kailash Giri

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