मैं बालक तू माता शेरा वालिए...भजन-

दृष्टिहीन विद्यालय, जिला-कोरिया (छत्तीसगढ़) से गोपाल सिंह एक संगीतमय भजन प्रस्तुत कर रहे हैं :
मैं बालक तू माता शेरा वालिए-
है अटूट यह नाता शेरा वालिए-
शेरां वालिए माँ, पहाड़ा वालिए माँ-
मेहरा वालिये माँ, ज्योतां वालिये माँ-
तेरी ममता मिली है मुझको, तेरा प्यार मिला है-
तेरे आँचल की छाया में मन का फूल खिला है...

Posted on: Jul 16, 2019. Tags: CG GOPAL SINGH KORIYA SONG

Crop destroyed, so some not able to pay bills, electricity is cut from a month...

Ramgopal Singh is calling from adivasi village of Antoli in Panchayat Banchachar block Jaisinghnagar of Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh to say that electricity is cut in village from 1 month.Crop was destroyed this year so some have not been able to pay bills. Bills are not correct and children are unable to study. We’ve appealed to officers but they don’t listen to us. You are requested to call collector@7652241700, Chief Engineer@7652245175 to help. Ramgopal Singh@9630389774.

Posted on: Oct 23, 2014. Tags: ELECTRICITY RAMGOPAL SINGH

School building in bad shape, In rain children can't cross river to go school...

Ramgopal Ji is calling from Antauli village Banchachar panchayat Jaisinghnagar block in Shahdol district of MP. He says school building in their village is in bad shape. There is a stream in village which does not allow children from one part of the village to cross in rainy season and they need to miss school. Pls call Collector at 07652241700 CEO at 07652241467 and Sarpanch at 8963953644 to help these children. For more Ramgopalji@9617643165

Posted on: Jun 14, 2014. Tags: EDUCATION RAMGOPAL SINGH

Our school building in bad shape, Please call officer to get us a new school...

Ramgopal Singh is calling from Antoli village in Banchahar panchayt Jaisinghnagar tahsil Shahdol district MP to say that their primary school building is very old and is in bad shape. The monkeys destroy tiles of the building. They have requested many times for a new school building for facility of children but no one listens. Pls talk to CEO at 9425181508 and collector at 9425141853. For more Ramgopal Ji can be reached at 9617643165

Posted on: May 26, 2014. Tags: EDUCATION RAMGOPAL SINGH

Adivasis drinking dirty water, falling ill, Pls call officer to get two hand pumps...

Ramgopal Singh is calling from Antoli village Panchayat Banchachar block Jaisinghnagar district Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh. He says in this adivasi part of the village there is no facility of drinking water and people fetch dirty water from a nullah one kms away. They are falling ill all the time and also dont have money for treatment. You are requested to call Collector at 07652241700 and CEO at 9425181508 to get two hand pumps. Ramgopal Ji@9617643165

Posted on: May 21, 2014. Tags: RAMGOPAL SINGH WATER