Gutka sale to children stops in a MP village

Priyank Joshi from Jabalpur reports that during a Right to life meeting villagers took a vow in a village called Khama that they will not allow reach of intoxicating material to the children. One shopkeeper of the village agreed but the second one said it is his business, so how can he stop this sale and issue was not resolved.

During the meeting it was also decided that no bad language or force will be used against women, every child will go to school and money for NREGA will be properly utilized. Whole village took food together which was collected from each house. After the food the second shopkeeper stood up and said he was wrong and he also promises to not to sale any gutka to any child

Posted on: Sep 18, 2010. Tags: Priyank Joshi

Jeene Ka Adhikar Abhiyan in Madhya Pradesh

Priyank Joshi from Water organisation is reporting from Jabalpur that in many villages in that area a Jeene Ka Abhiyan program has started. In the program people in many villages took part in Teachers Day program where they took oath not to bad mouth women, Not to beat any woman and not to take intoxicating product in front of children. They also cooked food together and eat to stay away from caste discrimination. Villagers have made samitis which will organise similar programs in the future

Posted on: Sep 08, 2010. Tags: Priyank Joshi

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