लालाला नानोयो लालाला नानोयो...गोंडी गीत-

ग्राम-एर्राबोरु,पंचायत दंतेलाबोरू,तहसील पल्वेंचा,जिला भद्रादीकोत्तागूडेम(तेलंगाना) से वन्जम सुरेश आदिवासी महिलायों से गोंडी भाषा में गीत सुना रहे है :
लालाला नानोयो लालाला नानो यो गूगे ला ला ला नानो-
अल्ले नानो केल्लायो अल्ले नानो केल्ला यो गूगे ला ला ला नानो-
लालाला नानोयो-
आता नानो मन्नी यो आता नानो मन्नी यो गूगे ला ला ला नानो-
लालाला नानोयो-
लेंगु मेंडे पेयोयो लेंगु मेंडे पेयोयो गूगे ला ला ला नानो लालाला नानोयो-
ये गाना को तेवार के समय में गाते है हर गॉंव वाले महिलायों...

Posted on: Jul 22, 2019. Tags: VANJAM SURESH

Chhattisgarhi Tribals in Andhra demand equal rights

Suresh is a tribal from Chhattisgarh who is living in Andhra for more than ten years. Recently the AP government has given pattas for forest land, ration card, plots for home, and electricity connections to some tribals who came to Andhra before Salwa Judum. He says some are trying to create a confusion that we came to Andhra after start of Salwa Judum. He says that all of them want equal rights of a Tribal as in any part of the country. For more Suresh can be reached at 09490353568

Posted on: Sep 15, 2011. Tags: Vanjam Suresh

An adivasi wedding song from Chhattisgarhi IDPs in Andhra

Vanjam Suresh is an adivasi Internally Displaced Person (IDP) who has shifted to Andhra Pradesh after political disturbances in Chhattisgarh. There are thousands like him who now live in forests of Andhra in very bad situation as Govt of Andhra is always keen to push them back to Chhattisgarh where situation remain equally volatile if not more when they were forced to migrate leaving their villages. Suresh has sent a song his fellow adivasis sing at the time of marriage. Pls call Suresh at 09963523321 to get the meaning of the song

Posted on: Jul 24, 2011. Tags: Vanjam Suresh

Govt does not help us saying we will go back: Adivasi IDP

Vanjam Suresh is an Internally displaced adivasi from Chhattisgarh who now lives in Andhra Pradesh. Today he has done interview with a fellow IDP from Errabore village of Dantewada district who told him that he is able to see new areas after coming to Andhra but there is lots of problem of water where they live. But Andhra govt does not want to help them saying they will go back to Chhattisgarh. They have not got ration car. Thye got a NREGA job card but have got no work this year. For more Vanjam can be reached at 09963523321

Posted on: Jul 22, 2011. Tags: Vanjam Suresh