We dont want dam, please let us live in our adivasi village and help us here

Midiyam Ramanamma is calling from Suturu village,Chinturu mandal,Khammam distict of Andhra Pradesh. She says we are 200 adivasi families in our village but no development activity is taking place because Govt says the village will be submerged under Polavaram dam. We do not want dam. We have a good life in village. Govt should start development activities and let us live. For more Midium Ramanamm Ji can be reached at 09492105911.

Posted on: May 27, 2013. Tags: Midium Ramanamma

Waiting for Indira Awas money from 3 years, family tries to burn themselves

Midium Ramanamma is telling us about an adivasi family of Mangal Venkatam in Mehbubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh who built a house after taking loan after assurance from authorities that they will get the money soon. But it is 3 years and they are running pillar to post. Recently they tried to burn themselves in front of Govt authrities. You are requested to help them. For more Ramanamma Ji can be reached at 09492105911

Posted on: May 02, 2013. Tags: Midium Ramanamma

A traditional Adivasi Gondi song from Andhra Pradesh...

An Adivasi woman Midium Ramanamma is singing a Gondi song about their village tribal traditions. Adivasi people believe in gods like Muttyalamma, Mudupulamma, Kodalamma.The song says everyone should present the Gods with cosmetics like bangles, saris, kumkum etc… near gods. If they do like this the rains will rain on the time then the farmers will get good crop. For more Ramanamma Ji can be reached at 09492105911.

Posted on: Apr 10, 2013. Tags: Midium Ramanamma

Polavaram: Govt cheating us says villager, Rs 70 compensation for palm tree

Midium Ramanamma is talking to Sattyanarayana ji in Chinturu mandal, Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. He says Govt is giving proper rehabilitation package to farmers in other districts who will loose their land in Polavaram dam project but not in Khammam. For example here they are giving Rs 70 as compensation for one palm tree. He says they are cheating us. For more Many Sattyanarayana ji can be reached at 09905782325

Posted on: Mar 31, 2013. Tags: Midium Ramanamma

Andhra Govt not helped us at all, says Naxal victim tribal IDP from Chhattisgarh...

My name is Komaram Rammohanrao. I now live in Motey schedule tribal colony, Sarapaka village, Burgampad Mandal, Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. We came from Chhattisgarh due to Naxal violence. We lost our land,buffalows, goats everything. We got no support from Govt in Andhra. We have no ration card, no drinking water. Children are falling ill for drinking dirty water which we get from 4kms. For more Ramanamma can be reached at 9492105911.

Posted on: Jan 29, 2013. Tags: CHHATTISGARH MIDIUM RAMANAMMA

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