Half the teachers in my village school dont turn up for work, Please help us...

Kailash Male from Badya Goyal village in Tahsil Jawra in District Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh says there are more than 200 children studying in primary school in his village. There are 4 teachers employed in the school but 2 of them are busy doing farming and their personal work and hardly visits the school. They are influencial people close to sarpanch so no one dares to complain about them but the children are suffering. He requests to help get this investigated. For more Kailash Ji can be reached at 09926948043

Posted on: Jan 06, 2013. Tags: EDUCATION KAILASH MALE

Not mobile but give more subsidized food to people below poverty line

My name is Kailash Male. I am calling from Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. I want to react on the news that govt is going to spend Rs 7,000 crores on giving mobile phone to people living below poverty line. I want to say it is corruption to win votes. Instead govt should spend this money in subsidizing food to the same people. I want you to encourage a debate on the subject. For more Male ji can be reached at 09926948043

Posted on: Aug 23, 2012. Tags: FOOD KAILASH MALE

Penalized for objecting to corruption of electricity officials

Kailash Male from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh says there is lots of corruption in electricity department where the lower level officers are taking money in side to allow illegal connections to water pumps. He says when I protested they have broken my machine on pretext of my due payment. He suspects that the receipts the officials are giving can also be fake. He requests the higher authorites to investigate. For more Kailash ji can be reached at 09926948043

Posted on: Mar 13, 2012. Tags: ELECTRICITY KAILASH MALE

Common grazing lands are gettting encroached, please help

Kailash Male from Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh says in the villages is his area grazind lands for animals are getting encroached. Sometimes the authorities are giving deeds for these common land and sometimes they are just illegal occupation. Land revenue department and Animal husbandry department should look at this and save these common grazing lands from being taken over. It is becoming a big and widespread problem. For more Kailash ji can be reached at 09926948043

Posted on: Mar 10, 2012. Tags: Kailash Male

Health center servers 52 villages but has no doctor!

Kailash Male from Badia Koyal in district Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh says there is a Govt Primary health center in his village which servers people from 52 villages but these days has no doctor. There are two posts of the doctors but the only one appointed does duty in the nearby town. In absense of doctor many quacks are misguiding people. Many are loosing day’s work because they need to go to city to see doctors. He requests the administration to look into the matter. For more Kailash Ji can be reached at 09926948043

Posted on: Feb 27, 2012. Tags: Kailash Male