Govt must abide by Chhotanagpur tenancy act in Jharkhand to protect tribals...

Sunil Soren from Dhanbad Jharkhand says though we have Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act in the state which does not allow outsiders to buy land from adivasis. But, he alleges the officials, many of whom are from outside the state do not want the act to be implemented and have bought adivasi lands themselves. He requests Govt to implement CNT act to safeguard the interests of local adivasis. For more Sunil Ji can be reached at 9263891183

Posted on: Mar 15, 2014. Tags: Sunil Soren

Adivasis who leave their original religion should not be given reservation...

Sunil Soren from Dhanbad Jharkhand says Govt should not give facility of reservation to adivasis who leave their original religion. He says Jharkhand was created for betterment of adivasis but if you look around only those adivasis have benefited who have converted to another religion. Govt has also not helped Santhali the only recognised adivasi language and that is also in bad shape. All these should change. For more Soren Ji can be reached at 09263891183

Posted on: Jul 19, 2013. Tags: Sunil Soren

Santhali has got constitutional recognition but no school teachers!

Sunil Soren from Jharkhand says Santhali language has got recognition in constitution but after that government is not doing anything to promote it. He says in year 2007-08 books in Santhali language were published and distributed in schools but no teachers were appointed so all the books went waste. Government is still not appointing any teachers in the language. He requests to us to put pressure on the government to work for the improvement of the language. For more Soren ji can be reached at 09263732253

Posted on: Jul 12, 2012. Tags: EDUCATION SUNIL SOREN

Need to work for linguisitic identity of Jharkhand state...

Sunil Soren from Jharkhand says many states in the country has linguistic identity so why not Jharkhand? He says Hindi is a national language and there should be another state language with Hindi like Odsha has Odia and Bengal has Bengali. He requests all of us to work for getting a linguisitic identity for the state. For more Soren ji can be reached at 09263732253

Posted on: Jun 28, 2012. Tags: Sunil Soren

Request for help for higher education in Santhali language

Sunil Soren, an expert on Olchiki which is the script for Santhali Language, shares his distress at the lack of an academic council for the language and script. Although he has submitted the concern to the Prime Minister, and the Chief Secretary has been instructed to look into the matter, no progress has been made. Once the academic council is formed the people who study in Santhali language will have the facility of higher education in the subject. For more Soren ji can be reached at 09263732253

Posted on: Jun 09, 2012. Tags: Sunil Soren

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