No drinking water facility in Khunti block office in Jharkhand, Pls help...

Basant Tuti, a social worker from Khunti, Jharkhand is telling us
about the issue of drinking water in Khunti block office.People come to block office for getting certificates and other works
but there is no tap, hand pump or any other source of drinking water for them. People need to go to nearby hotels to drink water which is a kilometer away. Basant Tuti wants concerned officers to address this issue. For more Basant Tuti can be reached on 08809154011

Posted on: Mar 13, 2013. Tags: BASANT TUTI WATER

ऊंचा नीचा पहाड़ परबत नदी नाला, हाय रे हमर छोटा नागपुर...एक गीत

Basant Tuti from Khunti district in Jharkhand is singing a song in Nagpuri language which says Adivasi people from Chhota Nagpur area are going to Assam leaving their forest to work in tea gardens there: ऊंचा नीचा पहाड़ परबत नदी नाला, हाय रे हमर छोटा नागपुर...

Posted on: Mar 03, 2013. Tags: Basant Tuti