मन है तो तन है, वन ही जीवन है...

झारखंड के बोकारो से वासुदेव तुरी, खनन और कटते जंगल के कारण पर्यावरण के लगातार प्रदूषित होने पर चिंता जाहिर करते हुए एक गीत प्रस्तुत कर रहे हैं:
मन है तो तन है, वन ही जीवन है-
हे दादा दे दे धेयनवा, हे काकी दे दे धयनवा-
उजड़ल जाए रोज दिना बनवा-
मन हैं तो तन हैं...
झूरे-झारे मैना उड़े, डाली-डाली पड़इया-
पाते-पाते मोर नाचे, कूके है कोयलिया-
मन है तो तन है...
टूंगडी-टूंगडी हरियाली दिखे-
पहाड़-पर्वत-झरना बहे-
ये तो देखि के ही, मन माही मोहे-
मन हैं तो तन हैं...

Posted on: Jan 03, 2015. Tags: Basudev Turi

We have poles and wires but no electricity in our village, officers don't help...

Basudev Turi is calling from Dega Garha Mohalla under Pokhariya Panchayat in Navadih Block of Bokaro District in Jharkhand where villagers tell him that they Don’t have electric connectivity and are forced to live in darkness. Polls and wire were erected sometime ago but supply is not turned on. It has complained to officials many times but they don’t respond. You are requested to call Electric dept @ 9430650247 and Energy Minister@9431164690. Turi@9162628585

Posted on: Nov 27, 2014. Tags: BASUDEV TURI ELECTRICITY

No anganwadi in Santhal adivasi village of 25 families, Pls call officers for help...

Basudev Turi is visiting Mahula Keshdhari village in Navadih block of Bokaro district in Jharkhand and says 125 people of 25 Santhal Adivasi families live here but village has no anganwadi centre. Nearest anganvadi centre is 3 km away so children are suffering. You are requested to call Block Development Officer@9564197022 and Deputy Commissioner@9431160001 to help Santhal Adivasi children so that they can have an anganwadi in the village as per Govt instructions.Basudev Turi @8877169141

Posted on: Nov 16, 2014. Tags: BASUDEV TURI