जीते भी लकड़ी मरते भी लकड़ी, देख तमाशा लकड़ी का...लकड़ी गीत

मालीघाट, जिला-मुज़फ्फरपुर,(बिहार) से नीरज कुमार
पेड़ो की सुरक्षा के लिए एक गीत सुना रहे है :
जीते भी लकड़ी मरते भी लकड़ी-
देख तमाशा लकड़ी का-
जिसपे तेरा जनम हुआ हो-
पलने बनता लकड़ी का-
जीते भी लकड़ी मरते भी लकड़ी-
देख तमाशा लकड़ी का-
बुढ़ापे में जब चल ना सके तो-
सहारा बनता लकड़ी का-
जीते भी लकड़ी मरते भी लकड़ी-
देख तमाशा लकड़ी का-
जिस दिन तेरा मृत्यु हुआ ओ-
चिता रचाया लकड़ी का-
जीते भी लकड़ी मरते भी लकड़ी-
देख तमाशा लकड़ी का...

Posted on: Mar 14, 2017. Tags: NEERAJ KUMAR

Impact: I'm blind, don't have toilet, no pension, both my problems got solved...

My name is Neeraj Kumar Tiwari. I am a blind person. I am calling from village Pepkara post Maura in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. I had recorded two messages on CGnet. One about my disability pension and other about not having a toilet. I am glad to share that my toilet has now been constructed and the work on my pension has also started. I want to thank all the listeners of CGnet who called officers to put pressure and the officers who helped. Please keep helping all blind people like this. Neeraj@7354861757

Posted on: Jul 17, 2016. Tags: NEERAJ KUMAR TIWARI

No toilets being built in my village, very difficult for blinds like me to go out...

Neeraj Tiwari is a blind person. He is calling from Paipkhara village, post maura, block Rampur Naikin district Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh. He says nothing is happening on Swachchh Bharat in his village and being a blind he faces more difficulty in going out for toilet. Village head says make your own toilets and you will be paid the amount but we don’t trust him. He alleges that village officers are siphoning money meant for building toilets. He requests all of us to call District Panchayat@09407235006. Tiwari@7354861757

Posted on: Jun 26, 2016. Tags: NEERAJ KUMAR TIWARI

None have Below Poverty Line cards in our village, most are poor labourers....

Rajkumar is calling from Kobna village in Hunterganj block of Chatra district in Jharkhand and says many in his village are very poor and work as daily laborers but they don’t have Below Poverty line cards. He alleges that some people who are nearer to village head have got normal cards but poor have been appealing for BPL cards for long which they have not got. He is requesting us to call Block Development officer@8757945850 and BO@9431537106 to help suffering people. Rajkumar@9570012801

Posted on: Jun 01, 2016. Tags: Raj Kumar

Impact: After Swara message now I am getting my disability pension, thanks...

Neeraj Kumar Tiwari is calling from Painpokara village under Mora post of Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh and says he is blind and was not getting his disability pension from long. Then he recorded a message on Swara in Jan 2016 and after that following the message authorities took note of it and he received Rs 500 as pension on Feb 18 2016. He is very happy and is thanking colleague of Swara for helping him by calling up officers to put pressure on them. Neeraj@7354861757.

Posted on: Feb 24, 2016. Tags: NEERAJ KUMAR TIWARI

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