आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: श्वेत प्रदर का घरेलू उपचार

Hanuk Lakra from thana Balomath Dist. Latehaar, Jharkhand is telling traditional remedy for Leukorrhea. Take leaves of Indian Rosewood tree popularly known as Sheesham in Hindi and dry them in shadow. After drying make fine powder of these dry leaves and add about one-third sugar candy (Mishri) & mix well. Your medicine is now ready. Take this medicine 2-2 tablespoon daily at morning & evening empty stomach. This medicine is very effective to cure Leukorrhea.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2013. Tags: Hanuk Lakra

Gram Sabha orders company people to present before it, They are ignoring

Hanuk Lakra from Bhaisadon village in Latehar district Jharkhand is telling that their Gram Sabha has written instructions that no one should venture the area without permission. But in April some agents of a mining company were cought taking pictures. Gram Sabha has alsowritten to DC and SP to make those people present themselves before Gram Sabha but instead they have been threatening villagers. For more Lakra Ji can be reached at 09905782325

Posted on: Aug 07, 2013. Tags: Hanuk Lakra

Construction company ran away without giving wages to workers, Pls help...

Hanuk Lakra from Latehar district in Jharkhand is telling us about a bridge construction work in Chitarpur village under Balumath police station. Villagers worked for the construction and owe Rs 30,840 as wages but the company has disapperared also without completing the work. The number for engineer is 9771422885 and contractor is 9386971168. You are requested to help. For more Lakra Ji can be reached at 09905782325

Posted on: Mar 09, 2013. Tags: Hanuk Lakra