गोंडवाना गीत : चल संगो ओ जाबो कोइली काचारगढ़...

ब्लाक-मवई, जिला मंडला (मध्यप्रदेश) से धनसाय परते एक गोंडवाना गीत सुना रहा है :
चल संगो ओ जाबो कोइली काचारगढ़-
कोइली का चाढ़गढ़, कोइली काचारगढ़-
काली कंकाली माँ के थाना बने हे-
हिरा से शाहजाह बाना बजाई है-
चल संगो ओ जाबो कोइली काचारगढ़-

Posted on: Sep 28, 2019. Tags: DHANSAY PARTE MANDLA MP SONG

लट खोल के नाचे मोरी माई की नैना रतन जड़े...देवी गीत-

ग्राम-सेमरिया, विकासखण्ड-बिछिया, जिला-मंडला (मध्यप्रदेश) से लेखराम यादव एक देवी गीत सुना रहे हैं :
लट खोल के नाचे मोरी माई की नैना रतन जड़े-
कहां लगा दे मईया बेला रे चमेली-
कहां लगा दा आनार-
लट खोल के नाचे मोरी माई की नैना रतन जड़े-
अंगना मा लगादा मईया बेला रे चमेली-
फरिका लगादा अनार, कि नैना रतन जड़े...

Posted on: Apr 12, 2019. Tags: LEKHRAM YADAV MANDLA MP SONG

We have no water source handpumps are throwing floridness water ...

Sarla Shriwas has reached Singanpuri village and panchayat in Ghughuri block of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh wahere village women tell her that there are 4 handpumps for 35 families in ward no 3 but 2 of them have been broken and rest are throwing very little water. Villagers fetch water from nullah and are forced to drink. Officers are not paying attention. You are requested to call Collector@9425164003 and MLA@9425026789. Sarla@9754290524

Posted on: Feb 07, 2019. Tags: MANDLA MP SARLA SHRIWAS

We posses land deeds and applied for Indira Awas but officers don't sanction...

Ravikant Pandre traveling with CGNet Swara Citizen Journalism Awareness Yatra has reached Atariya village of Dharampuri Panchayat, Bichhiya Tehsil, Mandla district in MP and talking to villager from Indravan of Bhogisoda Panchayat. He says they all had applied for Indira Awas, 82 have got but 6 are still waiting for sanction. They posses land deeds as well but still officers have not responded to them. You are appealed to call CEO@9424328581, SDM@9425482846, MLA@9425026789, Collector@9425164003. Ravikant@9754874601.

Posted on: Feb 06, 2019. Tags: MANDLA MP RAVIKANT PANDRE

Swasthya Swara: traditional treatment for Daisurya disease...

Vaiddya Gajendra Kumar Gupta from Maharjpur village of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh is suggesting traditional treatment for Daisurya disease. It can take up to 3 prescriptions- mix the cow urine with banana’s juice and take it as required and you can also take Sugarcane juice with honey. Moreover make a solution of sandalwood powder with sugar water and use. pls take 3 to 5 grams Pashanbed powder with water twice in a day or make the powder of root of punarnava (hogweed) and use 3 to 6 gram with water.
Vaiddya Gajendra@7870825280.

Posted on: Feb 06, 2019. Tags: GAJENDRA GUPTA MANDLA MP

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