मेरा वृद्धा अवस्था पेंशन का फार्म एक साल पहले भर दिए है लेकिन अभी पेंशन नहीं मिल रहा है, कृपया मदद

पंचायत-भाडी नवापारा, ब्लाक-ओडगी, जिला-सूरजपुर (छत्तीसगढ़) से शंकरलाल बता रहे है कि उनका वृद्धा पेंशन नहीं मिल रहा है जबकि उनका वृद्धा पेंशन फार्म भी भर दिया गया है एक साल पहले लेकिन आज तक उनका वृद्धा पेंशन नहीं मिला उसके लिए उन्होंने कई बार सरपंच सचिव को बोलते है तो बोलते है इस महिना आएगा अगले महिना आएगा बोल बोलकर गुमराह कर रहे है| इसलिए सीजीनेट के साथियों से मदद की अपील कर रहे है कि इन नम्बरों पर बात उनका वृद्धा पेंशन दिलवाने में मदद करें: भाडी सचिव@9131200459, सरपंच@9171795213, ओडगी CEO@9926192534, जिला कलेक्टर@9826443377, अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क नरेश@9926643940.


Crop failure due to heavy rain, Please call officers to pardon loan of farmers...

Shankarlal from Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh is talking to farmers who have taken loan to buy seeds and other inputs in farming but due to excess rain their crop was destroyed. One farmer invested Rs 18,500 and got only Rs 3600. Another farmer invested Rs 12,500 and could have got 5 quintal of pulses but got only 30 kg. You are requested to call Sub Divisional Magistrate@9454416365 to look at the farmer’s situation and Govt must pardon all loans taken by farmers otherwise they will be in even more difficulty. Shankar@9453071098

Posted on: Sep 26, 2016. Tags: SHANKARLAL LALITPUR

Crops destroyed due to excessive rain, Please call officers to help farmers...

Shankar Lal is calling from Lalitpur block of Lalitpur district in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh to say that due to excessive rain the crop of pulse, oil seed and maize have got completely destroyed. Famrers had invested around Rs 16-17,000 per quintal only in seeds but now they have no money to buy seeds for next crop. They are demonstrating everyday in front of collector office but no one is listening to them. You are requested to call Collector@9454417549, to help suffering farmers. Shankar Lal@9453071098

Posted on: Sep 10, 2016. Tags: SHANKARLAL LALITPUR

Transformer burnt in our village from one and half month, officers don't listen...

Shankarlal Harijan is calling from Pahadi tola of Chhataini village and panchayat, post Hardoli, thana Panwar in Jawa tehsil, Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh.He says transformer is broken from more than one and half month and they are forced to live in dark. It is a hilly and forest area and lots of animals are roaming around in rain but officers are not listening to any request. He appeals to call Electricity Dept@7662257311 to help get the transformer repaired. Shankarlal@7509987645.

Posted on: Jul 03, 2015. Tags: Shankarlal Harijan

Health workers charging Rs 300 from pregnant poor women!

Shankar Lal ji from Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh is telling us corruption by local health workers who are charging Rs 200-300 from poor adivasi pregnant women to make their cards. Adivasi women have not complained anywhere but when Shankar Lal ji asked the health workers they told him that they need to pass on money to their higher officials so they are helpless. He requests us to get these investigated which are affecting poorest of the poor. For more Shankar ji can be reached at 09838358532

Posted on: Mar 27, 2012. Tags: Shankarlal Lalitpur

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