Rebelled to work in factory, lost hands, job, community support

Dineshwar Nayak from Jharkhand today talks to Tulsi Munda.
Munda’s father rebelled against his adivasi community 20 years ago to work in a steel company. He lost his hands while working for the company but have got no support from the company. His community also does not help him and son is perplexed how to get his treatment and support the family. Dineshwar also sings a poem describing the situation of these people written by him. For more on the case please contact Dineshwar at 07870469663

Posted on: Jun 10, 2011. Tags: Dineshwar Nayak

A song in adivasi Nagpuri language describing effects of industry

Dineshwar Nayak is a poet and singer in Adivasi Nagpuri language in Jharkhand. He says the coal companies and factories are creating lots of problem for adivasi people. Water level is going down. Workers are dying at younger age due to pollution. Earth is emptying out for mines and houses are cracking. He says the workers and people cutting the forest for rich people are not realizing that these people are destroying our lives. He sings a Nagpuri song written by him saying all these. Dineshwar can be reached at 08409482115

Posted on: May 26, 2011. Tags: Dineshwar Nayak