Need a system so teachers don't misbehave with students

Madhuri Maurya from Delhi is telling us about her experience when she visited the school of her daughter. She says my daughter used to study in class 10th and now she has taken admission in a new school. But for admission procedure in the new school when we went to collect report card from the gatekeeper and also the teacher misbehaved with us. She says there should be some system that teachers do not misbehave with their students. For more Madhuri ji can be reached at 09313949264

Posted on: Sep 04, 2011. Tags: Madhuri Maurya

Govt reduces kerosene supply to BPL, It shd be increased

Madhuri Maurya from Delhi says in her area permanent employees of Municipal Corporation do not come to work and only few contract workers do the work. So there is lots of dirt around. She says earlier Govt used to give 22 liter of kerosene in BPL cards which is now reduced to 10 liters. She requests the Govt to give 25 liters of kerosene to poor. For more Madhuri Ji can be reached at 09871115382

Posted on: Aug 26, 2011. Tags: Madhuri Maurya