गीत : राम जी से पूछाँय जनकपुर की नारी...

ग्राम-खजुराकला, पोस्ट-खजुराकला, तहसील-गुढ़, जिला-रीवा (मध्यप्रदेश ) से विजय कुमार कुशवाहा एक भजन सुना रहे हैं:
राम जी से पूछाँय जनकपुर की नारी-
बता दे क्या हुआ, हो बता क्या हुआ-
ये लोगवा काहे देत गारी रे हो बता क्या हुआ-
तुहरा से पूछूं मै ये धनुषधारी-
एक भाई गोर काहे एक काहे कारी-
बता दे क्या हुआ, हो बता क्या हुआ-
राम जी से पूछाँय जनकपुर की नारी-
बता दे क्या हुआ, हो बता क्या हुआ...

Posted on: Nov 14, 2019. Tags: REWA MP SONG VIJAY KUMAR KUSHWAHA

No special teacher for blind students, officers give only false assurances...

Vijay Kumar Kushwaha is calling from Industrial Training Institute in Rewa Madhya Pradesh where he is talking to some blind students who were enrolled in course to become computer operator. They tell him that it is two months since they are coming to class regularly but there is no teacher for them. They were given assurance by Princiapl and also collector but nothing has moved. You are requested to call Principal@9425985717, Collector@9425903973 and Commissioner@07662241888 to help. Vijay@9584443868

Posted on: Oct 10, 2016. Tags: EDUCATION VIJAY KUMAR KUSHWAHA

High tension electric wire hanging in village, officers not listening, Pls help...

Vijay Kushwaha is visiting Karahia village in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh and finds that a high tension wire is hanging in the village and can cause accident any time. Villagers have been complaining to electricity officer and have also approached collector but no one has helped. You are requested to call Engineer in electricity department@9425424250 and Collector@9425903973 to help villagers avoid a bad accident. For more Vijay Kushwaha can be reached@9424723359

Posted on: Jul 03, 2016. Tags: Vijay Kumar Kushwaha