We have a canal nearby but there is no water there ever, complains a farmer...

Pavan Yadav in Tyothar tahsil of Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh is talking to a farmer who tells him though an irrigation canal goes nearby there has been no discharge of water in the canal this season and farmers are suffering. Farmers are arranging for electricity connection but electricity officials harass them for the same. He is requesting to look at the matter to help the farmers. For more Pavan Ji can be reached at 09755907717

Posted on: Jan 23, 2013. Tags: PAVAN YADAV WATER

Adivasi boy sings in Bhilali, our land, forest is submerged but we need to fight

Pavan Yadav fron Badwani district in Madhya Pradesh is helping us listen to a song by an adivasi boy whose house and farm has been submerged due to dam on Narmada. The boy is now studying in Badwani and singing in Bhilali language asking his adivasi breathren to awaken and fight against this injustice and also asks question when all our land, forest and religious places are submerged how will we survive. For more Pavan Ji can be reached at 09630558006

Posted on: Dec 04, 2012. Tags: FOREST LAND PAVAN YADAV